What is a Definition Essay?

You are Expected to Define Your Topic Clearly in a Definition Essay

Definition Essay When students are assigned the writing of the definition essay, it is important that they understand all the requirements of the essay and what the essay is all about. This type of essay will have students defining a topic in depth through the use of own conceptualizations as well as the established definitions on the topic. Most subjects are easy to define. However, some are not so. This article will provide students an understanding of how to write their essay.

Getting Started

The start of any coursework writing assignment should be handled carefully if you wish to receive a good grade. As with any other writing assignment, this too, should begin with the selection of a good subject area. As these essays are highly objective in nature, students should strive to select subjects which have less subjective elements in it. Of course, a subjective topic as “love”, “anger” etc. too can be defined in one’s own views. Yet, in academic writing, the definition essays relate more to the key constructs and variables within the subject area. For instance, in business management, a student may have the options to choose topics as “culture”, “leadership”, “motivation”, “work commitment” etc. The next step is to research widely on the variable or the construct chosen so that existing definitions can be identified.

Types of Definitions

Students writing this essay should know that there are two types of definitions. The first one is objective definition and the second is subjective definition. Objective essay writing relies on facts and opinions outside the student’s opinions and thoughts. Subjective definition is the manner a topic is interpreted by you any way you wish. When writing a definition essay, you should consider both these elements and decide in which manner should your chosen topic should be handled.

Building an Outline

Any type of coursework from English coursework to history coursework requires the formulation of an outline. With an outline you can ensure that the essay is logical and all specific points which need to be covered in the essay are adhered to. It will also provide students on the areas which need examples and illustrations. Therefore, an outline is vital to a well written essay, definition or otherwise.

Standard Outline for the Essay

The standard outline for an essay of this type will consist of an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. This is the same as any other essay. Only the contents and how it is presented will vary from one to the other. However, a good thesis statement is a must for any essay. In this it should clearly state what is being defined and how you are going to define it. Without a good thesis statement, your essay will lack purpose and direction. Therefore, a good thesis statement is vital for the essay.

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