Defining the Work Essay

Work Essays Can be Interpreted in Different Ways

One of the most challenging jobs faced by students is the writing of essays. There are different types of essays which students will be assigned to write. All these essays allow the students to improve their skills at writing which will make it easier when going on to college where the level of writing becomes more advanced. One of the dubious essays which can have different meanings to it will be the work essay.

Defining the Essay
Work essays can be defined into three categories. It could mean an essay on social work, coursework or even an essay on different types of work done by people. In order to define the work essay, let us consider all these three possibilities.

Essay on Social Work
Social work is done by people who wish to improve the quality of other peoples’ lives. These people are called social workers. Social workers provide assistance to others who are in need of help in some form. When assigned to write the essay on social work, students can write about the assistance provided by the social workers for children, families, psychological help, medical and public welfare social workers etc. There are a vast amount of topics to select from and students will be able to write excellent social work essays based on these topics.

The Coursework Essay
Coursework is something every student is familiar with. As part of their coursework, students will be asked to write essays. They will be provided with topics, or they may have to select topics on their own. Essays on coursework are a form of evaluation by the tutor to identify how much of the curriculum taught during the course is understood by the students. Therefore, essays written for coursework have to be written in a manner which proves this.

Essay on Work
This is another element of the work essay. This could mean different types of work done by different people and how it affects them. This type of essay will require you to conduct in depth analysis on how people react to their different jobs. Are they happy with what they are doing? Do they have a choice with the job they do? What are the factors motivating them to work and what factors commit them to work? These are some of the elements which you can consider when writing the essay.

Essay Writing Tips
It is always a good idea to find out from your tutor exactly what you are supposed to do with your assigned task. Imperative of the essay type, the standard elements which make for a good essay should be considered. These are;

• Interesting topic.
• Research based facts.
• Proper formatting and citing.
• Excellent writing skills and techniques.
• Essays which are free of grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.

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