Tips to Write an Impressive Culture Essay

Culture Essays Can be Written in Theoretical and Practical Perspectives

Culture Essay
Culture can be basically defined as a value system which is developed based on social concepts, beliefs, norms and practices. Culture is developed based social environments, histories, political ideologies, language, religion etc and impact all spheres of life. Culture is a diverse topic which has many contexts. There is no one, proper, good or superior culture. But with wider cross cultural exposure, there can be shifts and convergence in cultural elements. When writing culture essays, it can be written for varying course modules. It can be related with an anthropological course or for international business studies. It could also be for study of culture for international communications. Religious cultures may be studied under religious studies.

Different Approaches to the Assignment

There is culture among people, countries and organisations too. So the students will have to write culture essays based on the context in which the assignment that it has been set to explore. Students can write an essay covering all these variables or they can select either of them and write evidently.

Essay on National Culture

Each nation is marked by a distinct culture that influences its population. There can be sub cultures within each of national cultures but the national culture carries certain dominant dimensions which are relevant to all. There are various theories proposed by scholars such as Hill, Hofstede and Trompenars on cultural dimensions. These set different national cultures apart with cultural distance across these dimensions. Application of such theories to assess such cultural differences may be required when the essays are written on national cultures.

Essay on Culture in society/ individual/community

Every society and an individual will belong to certain sub cultures which depend on different sets of values. These are driven by factors such as religion, educational levels, employment and the environment will influence this. Students can write about their culture.

Culture in organisations

An organization’s culture is consists of set of actions and ways of doing things which has been learned and passed over to new members. Culture and its stability and alignment with its members have a greater impact on the sustainability of the organization. There are many theories and definitions which attempts to explain organisational culture forwarded by eminent scholars such as Schein, Hofstede, Fathehi, Denny etc. To write an essay such as a culture essay in this context, students need to identify and incorporate relevant theoretical information. You may also choose to base your writing on more contemporary theories on organisational cultures proposed such as Iceberg theory, Mackenzie 7s theory, Culture Excellency by Tom Peters, and Theory Z by William Ouchi etc.

Culture and its influence on Arts

This again is an interesting approach for essay writing where various culturally inspired art forms can be discussed. It can also be the foundation for an anthropological essay which can discuss differences in culturally influenced art forms such as Gesha dances in Japan, traditional dancing in India, Country music from the American Wild West. Culturally influenced art forms can run in to paintings, songs, music or even architecture. When writing an essay on this subject area of culture, it has to be done with specialized knowledge.

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