Writing a Crisis Essay! Let it Not be a Major Calamity

Crisis Essay Writing Can Address Different Types of Crisis Situations

Crisis! This is a familiar word nowadays and we hear this word every time, everywhere. It may be in a developed country or developing country, or it can be in an organisation or in the market place. It can even be within the household or in school. This is a state of affairs which usually deviates from the status quo. We can say crisis refers to unstable event in the environment which can be political, financial, social affairs, economical, personal etc. These are the areas to be addressed within your crisis essay.

Characteristics of Crisis

There are few basic characteristics of crisis. Such as crisis is unexpected event, and due to uncertainty individual or organization cannot achieve their standard goals. Secondly crisis arises when changing old system to new system. Such crisis is foreseeable some times and contingency plans to makes smooth transitions are required. A natural crisis on the other hand cannot be predicted to a vast degree but can be anticipated. This is where disaster readiness plays a key role. Lastly inability of humans is highlighted in the face of crisis and only few individuals perform well in crisis management while most succumb to panic situations associated with crisis. Writing a crisis essay itself can be a crisis situation for some students!

Types of Crisis

Crisis essays can be written on different types of crisis. Common types of crisis are financial crisis, economical crisis, poverty crisis, environmental crisis, international crisis, personal crisis, ecological crisis, energy crisis etc.

Financial Crisis

This arises in financial aspects around the world. Due to financial crisis share market crashes, bankruptcy occurs of large financial institution and economy face recession. Financial crisis will lead to problem around the world with its chain reactions within a globalized economy. Many economists provided numerous theories such as Marxist theories, Minsky’s theory etc about financial crisis and how to overcome them.

Poverty Crisis

Poverty can reach a state of crisis and arise due to unemployment, population displacement, underemployment etc. Each individual should fulfill basic needs which are food, shelter, and clothes etc. If an individual unable to fulfill the above, then there is poverty. Poverty crisis is serious issue since it leads to malnourishment of children, lack of educational and health facilities and high fatalities among infants and the old.

Environmental Crisis

This refers to natural disaster. This includes natural disaster, environmental disaster and endangered species. Major natural calamities of recent history are the Asian Tsunami, Eruption of the Finish volcano, Chilean earthquake etc. Students should address these subjects in informative manner, with reference to their impact scale by citing authentic and reliable data and facts when writing effective crisis essays.

International Crisis

This is about international relations, crisis management, and international crisis. It refers to relationship with countries which are affected by war or it can also be referring to any crisis that is escalating across international boarders.

Personal Crisis

Personal disasters and unexpected incidents occurring to individuals can affect their lives completely. Few examples include, loss of loved ones, parental separation, bankruptcy and debt, loss of employment, unexpected failure at exams etc. These can unsettle the individual dramatically and alter his or her behavior and lead to job loss, addiction to liquor, motivation to illegal activities or depression.

Crisis Management

To overcome a crisis situation, the crisis should be managed effectively. Unless it is done properly, it can escalate to an aggravated level. Managing crisis requires special attention and special skills and it focuses on proactive crisis management activities. It is about forecasting potential crisis and planning to manage the issues. Crisis management should concentrate on containment of damage as well as damage control and rehabilitating the victims to previous status.

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