Instructions to Write a Country Essay

Incorporate Your Knowledge of Different Countries in to Writing Country Essays

Country Essay Writing a country essay can be a simple and interesting assignment. A country can be basically defined as a geographical place in which populace can survive. There are many countries in this world ranging from USA, Finland, France, Afghanistan, Maldives, China to Zimbabwe. Some countries are bordered by the seas while others are bordered by land. Every country has its own government; some countries are totally democratic in selecting the leader while others are governed through the monarchies. There are developed countries and developing countries. This status is dependent on the nation’s economic status. Countries of the world are divided by its geographic locations. For instance, some belong to the Asian region while others are in Europe and Africa. Pacific Oceania region contains countries as Australia, New Zealand and a host of small island nations in the Oceania region.

Essay writing strategies

Students can write country essay in two methods. If the requirements doesn’t stipulate about the essay perspectives, students can select either of the below explained methods.

• My country- At the outset, students can write about their own country. This essay will be interesting and students will have a high level of understanding and information when it comes to writing on own country. In writing an essay of this nature, the student should include all facts and the significance of the particular country. Your essay should include details of the capital city, languages used, population, ethnics, currency culture and other facets of your country that makes it unique and special. It is also useful to discuss some of the major tourism attractions, if the country is in the world tourism map.

• Countries in the world- Here students will have to write about many countries briefly. This essay will be similar to the country profiles. Choosing the appropriate essay words is essential as the writer must remain highly impartial when writing of other countries. You may start by writing the prehistory of a country or a group of countries represented within a region and then discuss how they have progressed to current status. You can cluster and classify some of the countries and explain them separately too. Your essay should speak about different countries such as, developed and developing countries, SAARAC and OPEC countries, rich and poor countries, Western and Eastern countries. Students have to adopt classification essay writing skills in classifying countries.

Interesting Topics

There are many topics in which students can write country essays. They should select an interesting topic that merits A+ grade. Students can consider the above topics to write.
 My country
 Countries and the populace
 Country profile of United kingdom
 Developing countries and its Current Status
 My favorite country
 OPEC countries and its Oil Rich Economies
 Saudi Arabia and its recent joining of the World Trade Organisation
 Netherlands, living below the sea level.
 Land of Sakura, Japan and its Unique Culture

Writing a country essay can be a mystifying and a challenging task for the students. Students will have to be knowledgeable about other countries and identify the unique facets. This requires researching and reading through many sources. Most students struggle with managing time amidst busy academic schedules. If you need a professional essay, enlist essay help from coursework-writing Our writers will help you in writing essays on any country in the world.