Writing a Contrast Essay

Compare the Differences in a Contrast Essay

Among the many essays students have to write, the contrast essay is one of the most interesting and the most common. There are a few elements which need to be considered when writing this essay. Students need to be aware of these elements, if they are to produce essays which are written in the correct manner.

Defining the Essay
To contrast in an essay is to find the differences in two or more objects or things. People contrast many things in life. It can be events, places, objects etc. You need to always have more than one element in order to be able to contrast. Unlike a compare essay which looks as similarities, a contrast essay will look at the differences in the object. These essays can be written on any subject ranging from, psychology to religion or technology.

Writing the Essay
A good essay is one which has a good topic. Therefore, for this essay, you need to select a topic which is worthy of discussion and contrasting. Make a wise decision on the subjects you select. For example, you can select two types of authors to contrast or two types of movies. Once you have your subjects, select the most significant differences in them to write about. This essay is not only about stating the differences but also about how they are different. Therefore, you will have to figure out how your subjects are different.

Good contrast essays will require at least three key dimensions in which they are different. Make a list of all elements that vary and select the most significant ones to write about. Each element needs detailed characteristics. Therefore, students will have to conduct sound investigations to ensure that the characteristics are indeed, valid. Provide adequate information which proves that the differences you identified are valid. This can be done by the use of quotes and other information from reliable sources.

Structure for the Essay
Your essay will have the same structure as all other essays. The introduction will introduce the essay and provide the purpose of the essay in the thesis statement. The introduction should be clear and explicit. Introduce each element of the subject and their differences in a separate paragraph. Make sure that each point is followed by another in order. A good essay requires the body to have proper transition between paragraphs. This means that each paragraph should flow from one to the other. Provide valid evidence for each argument presented in the body paragraphs. Students should keep in mind that all evidence used should be cited in the proper formats. Conclude by summing up the main points. Proper organization of the contrast essays can be achieved by the use of an essay outline.

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