Computer Essay is Not Necessarily Exclusive to the IT Students

Become Computer Savvy in Order to Write a Comprehensible Computer Essay

Computer EssayFew years back, writing an essay about computers might have been perceived fit only for the techno savvy people. But, today as computers are all around us, it will be a task which is assigned more and more often to all students. Information Technology, commonly known as IT is a compulsory subject in many of the national curriculums today. This is driven by the fact that computers have become indispensable to us and the need for everyone to be IT competent is no longer an option. Computer has become useful when working, studying or even spending leisure time. Therefore, when assigned to write a computer essay, many elements of the computer can be discussed to write a cohesive and informative essay.

Points of Importance

Before beginning the process of writing the essay, it is important to understand a few points.
• Essays on computers could be based on the technical aspects of a computer. It will be to the student’s advantage if he or she can impress the reader with some relevant technical information. However, it should be written with the targeted audience in mind. If you are writing for a layman, using technical jargon will not suffice.
• Another element to keep in mind is calibre of the knowledge in the essay topic you write. For example, if you are writing a communication essay and informing the readers on how the computer has made communication easier, thorough research should be conducted in order to inform the readers on the many ways in which a computer enables us to do so. Similarly, when writing on a computer and its important parts, research should be conducted sufficiently to gain better knowledge.
• The writer should also be considerate of how upto date the information included in to the essay. IT and ITC are very dynamic fields where information becomes obsolete quickly.

Ways to Write the Essay

• All about the Birth of Computers – A computer essay, can be written in a manner which you will provide information on how it was “born”. It is said that John V Atanasoff’s invention in 1942 set the path to the computer age. Many other people contributed to the invention of the computer. However, it was not until the Personal Computer was invented in 1974 that things started to go at a steady pace into the more developed computer.

• Advantages of Computers – There are many advantages to having a computer. These advantages can be addressed in this essay. These include the ability to communicate with someone easily, the ability to obtain information easily etc. Ability to handle large amounts of data and carry out data processing, analysis is another plus point. Computers have also contributed to vast developments in digital imaging and multimedia production work. You can also, include the disadvantages of the computer and write the essay as an advantages essay. Writing in an informative manner will enable you to educate the reader as well as yourself on the advantages and disadvantages of a computer.

• Describing a Computer – There are many different types of computers which students can describe in depth. They can also compare various types of computers and provide readers with an understanding of how each one functions. Here again, students should avoid strong technical jargon so as not to confuse the readers.

• Computers and the Internet – The internet is the result of combining computer technology with communication technology. If you have written the internet essay, you will know the dramatic changes which has been created in all areas of life as a result of the wide spread use of the internet.

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