Selecting Suitable Comparison Essay Topics

Comparison Essay Topics Must Be Chosen with Due Considerations to What is Being Compared

The ability to compare is a common human trait. We will compare clothes, houses, jobs, books etc. As a result, students assume that writing a comparison essay requires minimum effort. That it involves taking any two things and writing a comparison essay. However, this is easier said than done. Essay writing is a skill learned through practice. Therefore, the more essays written the more experienced students will be at writing essays. In order to write a comparison essay students need to know what it is, how to write one and how to select good comparison essay topics. Writing history coursework? Don’t forget to proofread and edit it!

What is a Comparison Essay?
The writing of a comparison essay will be usually assigned to students as a part of their high school coursework writing. Knowing what the essay is will benefit the students as this will allow them to do a better job of writing the essay. Comparison can be done with any two objects, subjects or phenomena which shares common dimensions. It can be an object or a book or ideas or feelings and even events. In order to compare you require two or more objects. The purpose of the essay is to analyze and present the similarities and differences between two or more elements or objects. Looking for a math coursework example? Visit our samples page.

Topic Selection
Comparison essay topics are easy to select as there are plenty of options. For example when deciding on where to go to college, you will compare the similarities of two or three colleges and decide on the one you wish. Below is list of essay topics which can be used to write your comparison essay on.
• Compare two athletes and how they are similar in there strengths and weaknesses.
• How are MacDonald’s and KFC similar?
• Compare Barak Obama and John McCaine’s campaign policies.
• Similarities and differences of psychology and philosophy.
• Similarities between two artists in two different eras.
• Two ways to make money fast.
• Compare the climates of Asian region with the African continent
• Compare two Asian religions

Once the right topics are selected adequate research should be conducted in order to present a good comparison essay.

Writing the Essay
Comparisons can be done in two methods. One is taking each different point of similarities separately and writing the essay. The second method is to make a general analysis of the subjects. Both methods are effective and will make for excellent comparative essay writing. It goes without saying that any essay will be effective is a suitable topic is selected. Effective essay writing is when the topic is interesting and if the proper writing techniques are applied. If unsure as to how to write this type of essay students should go through some essay sample to obtain any ideas. Free coursework examples can be a useful source of interesting writing techniques.

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