A Comparison Essay: A Discussion of Shared Similarity Dimensions

Writing Comparison Essays Needs To Consider Two or More Similar Matters

A comparison essay is just one more of the many types of essays assigned to students. Considered as one of the easier writing assignments, it requires students to compare objects, events, literary texts etc. To compare something, you need two or more elements. In order to compare these elements, students need to have an in depth understanding of the subject. The selected two items should share same similarity dimensions, hence belong to a common category. These essays require students to delve deeply in to identifying the similarities of the chosen items.

The Comparison of Literary Texts

Students who are doing literature or English coursework will be assigned to compare two literary texts either by the same author or by different authors. When assigned this task, to write a good essay, they need to read both texts properly and obtain a sound understanding of it. Once this task is complete, they should begin writing down the similarities and the differences in the text. The dimensions of comparisons can include character, plot, theme, character usage, genre etc. You would probably not be able to compare the entire text as this will be too broad a subject, and it will not be easy to include all elements of the text into a single essay.

The Comparison of Objects and other Elements

Apart from texts, the comparison essay can be written on any other elements as well. This depends on the type of assignment the professor wants you to do. When doing this type of assignment you should select subjects which can be compared and contrasted easily. Study the two or more elements carefully and make a list of all the similarities and differences you see. Once the list is complete, narrow down the list to the most significant comparisons. An essay of this nature will mostly focus on the similarities, although the differences will be provided summarily as well. An example of a comparison essay to be written for religion class would be “compare the similarities of Buddhism and Hinduism”. A comparison essay for Human Resource Management course may require you to “compare the similarities of two main performance evaluation methods.

Two Ways to Compare

There are two ways to write comparison essays. This will be the inclusion of the similarities of the subjects in one paragraph first and the differences of the same subjects in the next paragraph. The second method of writing these essays is to compare both the similarities and the differences of one subject in one paragraph first and write the similarities and differences of the other in the next. Whichever way chosen to write the essay, students should keep in mind that the essay is written introducing the most important information first and the least important information last.

Comparison essays are assigned to students as a way for professors to evaluate students on how well they understand the similarities and differences of the important characteristics of a subject. If you have a sound understanding of how this essay is written, you will be able to obtain a good mark for it.

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