Mastering the Methods of Writing a Comparison Contrast Essay

Comparison Contrast Essay Writing Needs Appropriate Topics to Write Effectively

Comparison Contrast Essay Although many essays are assigned to students, nothing is more interesting than the writing of the comparison contrast essay. This is one of the easiest essays to write and many students will find that the experience of it enjoyable. However, a good essay is one where students understand the ways in which this essay can be written and how they go about with the process of comparing and contrasting.

What is Comparison and Contrasting?

These essays involves the comparing of two or more objects or subjects. Sometimes, you may be assigned to write a comparison essay or a contrast essay only. Although similar to the writing of this essay it will concentrate singularly on either the contrasting or the comparison of it. When asked to write comparisons, you will concentrate mostly on the similarities of a subject while the contrasting requires you to write about the differences in the subject. However, if it is a comparison contrast essay, you will need to incorporate both these elements in to your essay.

Methods of Writing

There are two methods of writing this type of essay. It is of great importance that you understand these two methods clearly, in order to write a good essay. Let us take a closer look at these two methods.

Comparing Subject by Subject
When writing your essay in this manner, you will have to discuss one subject and its similarities and differences in one paragraph. Once you have covered the required amount of information and feel that it is adequately stated your point, you can move on to the next subject and write about its similarities and differences. For example, if you are discussing the differences and similarities in a holiday spent in a cold climate and one spent in a warm climate, you will first compare and contrast the similarities and differences of the holiday in the cold climate and move on to the holiday in the warm climate.

• Comparing Point by Point
This method of writing the comparison contrast essay is a little more complicated than that of the subject by subject method. However, it is nothing to despair. With the proper knowledge this method too, can be mastered to write a perfect essay. Point by point method will require you to first concentrate on the similarities of both the subjects together. For example, if you are writing about two different types of cars, first writing about the engine capacity in both the cars, then moving on to the comfort and performance in the second and third paragraphs will enable you to write well.

Writing an essay of this type requires you to keep in mind that proper transition between paragraphs is adhered to and remain consistent throughout the entire essay. If not your essay will be confusing to the readers.

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