Features of a Good Comparison and Contrast Essay

Which Method will you Use to Write the Comparison and Contrast Essay?

Comparison Contrast Essay To compare is to take a subject and find its similarities. To contrast is to investigate the subject and find its differences. A comparison and contrast essay will do both of these actions in one essay paper. This method of writing is used quite often to decide on important aspects of one’s life. Therefore, writing this essay will be an interesting and easy task. Writing a compare contrast essay will provide the writer with in depth insight into the subject written. As this is a common writing assignment, students will be benefited by understanding the most effective way of writing this essay.

Using the Block Method

Let us assume you are writing your essay on the best vacation spots. You will take two locations s which you are undecided about visiting during the holidays. In the block method of writing, you will write the similarities of one vacation spot and the similarities of the other in one paragraph and the differences in the next paragraph. The same order of presenting the similarities and differences in the first paragraph should be observed in the other paragraph as well. This method of writing the essay is most effective on simple topics. However, students will have to take care that they don’t write their essays as a summary.

Using the Point by Point Method

The second method of writing the comparison and contrast essay is the point by point method. This will have to be done by discussing one point of a subject and then immediately discussing the same point in the other subject. This manner of writing the comparison contrast essay enables the reader to remember the points discussed easily and it also keeps the paper organized. However, students writing the essay in this method should take care not to sound too monotonous with their writing.

Writing the Essay

Before deciding on the methods you will use to write the essay, you should make a list of the similarities and differences of the item being compared. Unlike when writing a compare essay where you will concentrate mostly on the similarities, this type of essay will concentrate on both aspects of the subject. Therefore, thorough research into what makes the subject similar and different is required.

Writing an essay of any type will require students to write clearly and ensure that transition words are used to ensure that the essay flows logically. Knowing when and where and what words to use when writing the essay will ensure your essay is logical.

Another element to writing a good comparison and contrast essay is to ensure that the proper formatting is adhered to. Failure to follow formats will result in an essay which will be given a low grade.

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