What will you compare in Your Compare Essay?

Compare Essays Needs to Identify Dimensions to Compare

Writing good essays is a skill which needs to be mastered, immaterial of what type it is. Continuous practise will often make the writing of good essays easier. There are many types of essays which are assigned to students. Out of these, the compare essay is one of the most interesting essays to write. To write an essay of this type, students need to be familiar of what special features are present in this kind of an essay.

Understanding the Essay

Two or more subjects or objects are required to write compare essays. What do you mean by comparing? To compare is to find the similarities of an object or subject. Comparisons are done for a variety of reasons. It may be to identify which option is better, cheaper, and more effective or less efficient etc. In order to do any one of these things, you need to be able to compare it to another. This is the reason two or more objects are required to write the essay.

Selecting Subjects for the Essay

What to compare is another question which will arise in many students’ minds. Topics for the essay could be assigned which will make the task of selecting suitable topics easier. If however, they are not provided students will have to select something which can actually be compared. To qualify for this, the two or more subjects or objects should share similar dimensions. It should be interesting and relevant to the readers. It will be a waste of time comparing things which really do not interest the readers. Once a good subject is selected, you should begin identifying the similarities which are apparent in it. Only then will you be able to begin writing the essay.

Writing the Essay

A compare essay can be written in two ways. For example, you can write about the similarities of two holidaying locations such as a tropical island in the Caribbean and a nature resort in an eco destination such as Nepal. You could begin by identifying the dimensions on which comparison can be made. These include cost, atmosphere, activities to undertake, etc. Another example of this type of organization is to compare canned products. You will introduce the product and identify similarities in the products. These will include value for money, convenience and taste. One paragraph of the essay will compare the taste of the two canned products; the second one will compare the convenience and the third paragraph the cost. Or you can include all these elements of one canned product in one paragraph and the other elements of the other product in the next paragraph.

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