Understanding the Requirements of a Compare and Contrast Essay

Structure is Important When Writing a Compare Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast EssayOne of the straightforward essay types to write is the compare contrast essay. As structure is an important element when writing this essay, let us take a look at how you can attend to it. Without proper structure to an essay it will lack cohesion and a logical flow. As organization is a key element to any type of essay, this should be sorted out before writing any type of essay.

As the compare and contrast essay is one type of essay which could be assigned for English coursework, students should be thorough with how to write one. For example, they could be given an assignment where they will have to compare and contrast two types of literature or authors. Therefore, having sound knowledge of both the subject matters is very critical.

When writing a compare and contrast essay, it is natural for students to wonder what to compare. They should keep in mind that compare and contrast means to find the similarities AND the differences of a subject. It should also be kept in mind that an equal amount of similarities and differences should be presented when writing.

Structure of the Essay

The structure of the compare and contrast essay is as follows.

The Introduction
In any good coursework writing assignment, students will have to provide an attention grabbing introduction. After all, this is the beginning of the essay. If this does not catch the eye and compel the reader to proceed further, nothing will. Beginning with a quotation or an anecdote is recommended for grabbing attention.

Provide a good thesis statement which will be the main element of the essay. This is what will provide the readers with information as to what the rest of the essay includes. A comparison and contrast essay will include a thesis statement which informs the reader about the subject he or she is comparing and contrasting. This can be two types of food or cars or anything that is worth comparing.

The Body
The body of the compare contrast essay can be written in two ways. The first method is to point out all the similarities and differences of one subject and then the similarities and differences of the other. The other method is to fist identify the similarities of both the subjects and then identify the differences of both the subjects. The essay body can run to more than three paragraphs. However, you should keep in mind the number of words for the essay. Adhering to word limits is one of the main elements of submitting a successful essay.

The Conclusion
The conclusion should always restate the thesis. This is important. It should also be one which provides the reader with the message that the essay has exhausted its resources and done the needful. No new material should be introduced in the conclusion.

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