Various Methods of Writing a Company Essay

Understand what a Company is in order to Write a Proper Company Essay

Company Essay Company is a business operation which operates as a separate legal entity. This entity is uses people as shareholders and employees to conduct various business functions on behalf of the company. Understanding the fundamentals with regards to a company is certainly important. However, the writing of a company essay is a tough project. But with the right topic and a proper approach, the assignment will not only be interesting to the reader, but rather useful in terms of knowledge to be gained.

Types of Companies

Different types of companies are refered to by different terms. These include the Corporations, Limited Liability Company and Public quoted companies. There are family run companies and some companies operate as conglomerates with diversified business. A Corporation can be any company with many shareholders. The LLC or Limited Liability Company has one main advantage. This is the safeguarding of personal assets of the share holders. The profit sharing is also more flexible than that of a Corporation. A partnership is a simple type as the sole owner of the company will run the business on his own, which makes profit sharing less of a burden. A basic essay on companies will need to differentiate between these company types, using a classification essay approach.

Discussing a Company

Another excellent method of writing the company essay is to discuss the elements of a specific company. Details such as the name of the company, its address and history and type of business should be provided at the beginning of the essay, which is the introduction. Writing an essay on a company is somewhat similar to writing a company report. The essay will include profits and losses, price of shares and the amount of shares etc. It is also of great importance that the names of the CEO and the directors be provided in the essay as well. A time line of the company’s progress can add value to such an essay.

Advantages and Disadvantages

An essay written on the advantages and disadvantages of different company types can be highly informative. For instance, Merits of a general corporation with many shareholders compared to the advantages and disadvantages of a closed corporation with only a minimum of shareholders is one area to discuss. If researched thoroughly, students will be able to find a plethora of information on these advantages and disadvantages which will make the writing of the essays easier.

Laws pertaining to Companies

Companies are governed by certain legislature and these laws are codified in the Companies Act of a country. These rules will specify how to incorporate or establish a company, how to dissolve it and how share holders are added or taken off from the company ownership. The laws related to company liabilities and responsibilities are also outlined in the Act. In the case of public companies, there are standard rules for publishing company accounts for the benefit of shareholders review.

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