Writing a Common Application Essay that Gets you Admittance

Include Honest Information in to your Common Application Essay

When applying for college it is customary to write an admission essay. This is somewhat similar to a personal essay. To make the college application process easy for students, there is a common application pack which includes a Common Application Essay. This pack is provided by a non profit organization called the Common Application. The organization acts on behalf of the member colleges and universities allowing the students to access a common application pack online. This can be downloaded and completed and resubmitted via the internet which makes the whole process time saving and economical.

Selection Process
Those colleges and universities that are a part of the Common Application body have to take a balanced approach to appraisal process. Their selection process should not evaluate the students only on the scores and transcripts that they received in high school. These member institutions are also interested in knowing the student as a personality and character and hence the admission essay comes important. This is where you will be able to let the board form an idea about your personality etc. An important tip to note in this type of essay writing is to always tell the truth. Although you need your personality to shine through do not write what you think the board expects you to be. Be yourself and be honest.

Essay Topics
Most often the essay topics or essay prompts will be provided. If so select the one which is interesting. What you have to bear in mind is that the selection board has already read many application essays by the time they get to yours; therefore, it will have to be written in a manner which will make them sit up and take notice. An option you will be able to write this essay is in the form of a personal essay where you can write about something that happened to change your outlook on life and how it made you a better person. Your writing can be similar to the writing you will apply to a narrative essay topic. Or it can be written where you will be able to evaluate a significant experience in your life which made you consider the ethical side of it and how it impacted you. When writing, use action words that will appeal to the board. The use of action words makes your essay come alive.

Proof Reading
One of the fundamental rules in writing a Common Application Essay is that it should be error free. The board will be critical of small mistakes such as spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Stakes that are riding on this essay is high as your admittance to the college of your dreams can come true or not depending on how well you write. Therefore, once your essay is complete check it and recheck it. If you wrote your essay in a sincere but interesting manner it is bound to elicit the desired response from the selection board which is to get you an acceptance letter.