What to Do With Collected Essays?

Students Can Refer Back To Collected Essay When Having To Write New Ones

From middle school onwards, students have been writing academic essays for various subjects. As they progress to university level, the quality of essay writing improves and the versatility of essay writing too develops. Students in university level are expected to write a range of essay types from informative essays to critical analysis essays or thesis essays. If you have collected essays that you have written from high school level, you can have a portfolio of essays that can be referred to for future improvements. They can also be referred to in order to write different essay types which you would have already learnt and written over the years. Let us discuss some uses of collecting essays that you have written.

• Future reference – Essays that you have written over the years can be saved in digital form or in hard copy format. You can even have collected essay that have been marked by the tutors. If you have gotten a good grade for an essay, this implies that the essay is well written. Therefore such essays can be used as benchmark references for future writing. In the same manner, there are essays which you may have received low marks for. If this has happened, you may even received tutor’s feedback on what made it a poor essay. If you have kept these essays collected, then you will also have sample essays to refer when you need to know what SHOULD NOT be done in essay writing.

• Essay Publishing – If you are a good essay writer, collected essays can give you a good writing portfolio. Having them in digital format is the most advice able in this digital age of publishing. You may approach online publishers or an essay bank with your essay collection and offer them for publishing. If they agree, your creativity and ingenuity in writing will be enjoyed by the rest of the world and it may also bring you some financial benefits.

• Samples for Others – Even if your work is not published, if you have well written essays that has received outstanding grades, by collecting them you can make them available for other students to refer to as samples. These may be your friends, your younger siblings, students you work in a voluntary community service program or simply the juniors in your school.

• Memories – While some may like to forget about the arduous task of essay writing they endured through school and college, some students truly enjoy writing. In such cases, the essays and assignment papers they write are collected as fond memories of college life. This is especially so if there is an “A+” marked in red on the front page by their tutors.

As evident, collected essay can have many uses and benefits to you as well as to others. Therefore, you too can make an effort to back us the essays you write and keep them for future reference.
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