Points on Writing a Classification Essay

A Classification Essay Involves Sorting of Items in to Categories

Classification EssayTo classify is to sort and group certain items into classes or categories of the same type. A good example is the demographic classification of people according to class, age, gender and religion. The same rules are applicable when you are assigned to write a classification essay. The purpose of the essay is to break the topic down into categories which facilitate further investigation. The members or representations within the category will hold similarities that merit them to be grouped under one category heading. In order to write a good essay, you need to know the main components of an essay of this nature.

How Many Categories is too Many?

Your essay will arrange ideas into categories; will be organized in a way to separate out these categories and will provide adequate examples which suit the categories. This is the purpose of the essay. Keep in mind that the amount of categories selected will depend upon the length of the essay. If your essay is a simple five hundred word essay the categories should remain at a minimum. If you have too many categories it may be boring for the reader and will exceed the word limit which makes the essay difficult to write. Having too few categories too, will make your essay too shallow. The key element here is to stick with a medium. You will have to figure out how many categories you will need to make your essay easy, interesting and informative.

Selecting a Topic for the Essay

Selecting a good essay topic for your classification essay is of prime importance. The topics for these essays are easily found as they may come from everyday sources. As an example, if you are walking on the road, you may see different types of cars. Your essay can be written on three or four types of cars and their brands, different types of engines used etc. Below are some topics which you can use to write your essay.

• Classifying different types of friends. You may have friends who are just acquaintances, those who are pretenders and friends who are real friends. You can write an essay classifying your friends and explain why they fall in to such categories.

• Racial classification. This is of a sensitive nature. You can begin your essay with a good essay introduction in the form of a question such as “Have you ever wondered why Americans are classified as Native Americans, African Americans but no name is given to non coloured Americans?” This is of controversial nature; therefore, being very tactful in how the topic is approached is advised.

• Categorizing art. This is an easy topic for classification essays as there are many ways to categorize art. They can be done according to the time period, whether it is impressionistic or modern, colour or black and white, country of painter etc.

Regardless of whichever topic you choose to write your essay, planning your essay writing is vital. An essay plan will help to stay focused and reduce the time spent on wondering what to research on.

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