A Successful Class Essay Requires Much Practice

Writing a Class Essay Prompts the Students to Manage Time Better

Class Essay Writing essays takes time. It requires you to spend much time brainstorming about topics, finding out everything you can about the topic and then writing it in a manner which will impress your reader. But how will you handle the writing of a class essay?

What is a Class Essay?

Essays are not only assigned to be written at home. Essays are also assigned to be written in class. This might pose a problem for many students as they will have to write this essay within the time allotted. This could be anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes. Most students will not be able to do this without a certain amount of practise. In addition, they will not be able to write essay without using a computer. But, it has to be done.

Purpose of the Essay

This type of essay will be assigned on easy essay topics. In addition, this type of essay will not require students to conduct research and cite their sources in the prescribed format. This is just an exercise to evaluate the student’s capabilities of writing essays on short notice and how well the student will communicate his or her thoughts and beliefs. Most students will panic at this assignment. However, with the proper writing tips, you will be able to write your class essay and receive a good grade for it.

Getting Ready to Write

Preparation is important when writing an essay of this type. Students, who attend their classes on a regular basis and take down notes, will always do better than the students who don’t. Therefore, even if you do miss a day, make sure that you copy the work done from another student’s book. It is also a good idea to practise writing essays on any given topic. Remember to time yourself. This is important. This essay as mentioned before should be completed within a time frame. Students who are unable to do so will not receive a good grade.

Set aside a few minutes to brainstorm and outline your essay. This should ideally be about five minutes. The longest time should be taken to write the body and the thesis statement and conclusion of the essay. Another few minutes should be set aside for the editing and proofreading of the essay. This is an important element for a well written essay.

Correcting Mistakes

Unlike when writing with a computer, when writing in class you will not be able to backspace or delete your work. When you make a mistake do not try to scratch it off and write over it or erase the work. Simply cut your incorrect word with a SINGLE line and write the correct word. The same is applicable for sentences.

Writing your class essay might not be an easy task initially. But if you are dedicated and prepare yourself by practicing the writing of the essays, you will be able to submit the best essays in your class.

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