A Child Essay has Many Serious Issues to Address

Child Essay Travel Back in Time to Your Own Childhood, when Writing a Child Essay

When assigned the child essay, students will have a wide array of topics to select from. These topics will not only provide students with a new perspective on what childhood is, but will also enable them to travel back in memory lane. These memories will enable many to write excellent narrative essays. But not all essays on children are written with rosy narrations of how fun and gay the childhood has been. There are many aspects to a child and childhood which can be the basis of an essay on child. Here are just a few of them to give students an idea of how divers the topic can be.

Addressing the Issue of Child Labour

Child labour is very common in developing countries. Although there are strict rules about employing children who are under age, this social bane continues unchecked in most parts of the world. This is especially so in countries in Asia, Africa and other 3rd world nations. Children as young as six-seven years old are sent to work by their parents. This is mainly due to the dire financial difficulties these families experience and their inability to even provide basic needs such as food and clothes to the child. This is in fact a vicious circle fuelled by poverty, lack of education and resulting child labour which are all interlinked. The essay writer can draw heavily on content used in a poverty essay to write a child labour essay with this perspective.

Child Abuse and Corporal Punishment of Children

Child abuse is a controversial issue. Abuse includes molestations, misuse and inflicting pain of physical or mental form. Many believe that in order to discipline one’s child you need to occasionally spank the child or practice what is known as corporal punishments. You can write a comparison contrast essay on effectiveness of “hard discipline” and soft discipline methods such as positive rewarding. The psychological implications of abuse on a child can also be addressed in an essay related to psychology. According to Children Act of UK, there are many protections a child is granted and protection from physical punishment is codified in law.

Children in the 18th Century and 21st Century

This type of writing can be written as a cultural shift assessment where the differences and similarities between children of 18th century and of 21st century can be assessed. The new generation of 21st century children falls in to what is termed as Gen Z who are techno driven and born to and raised with the internet age. The differences in information accessibility, globalization and economic conditions as well as differences in social trends will make childhoods of the two eras markedly different. You can discuss the types of clothes worn, the behaviour, the language etc. as well. Furthermore, from a social perspective, the type of households these two categories of children shared and roles of mother and farther can be critically examined. The resulting psychological, physical and social outcomes of these differences in the 21st century children vs. those who lived two centuries back can also be addressed.

Beauty and significance of Childhood Dreams

If you were to write a lighter, informal essay, you may choose to write on dreams and aspirations of a child. Some goes on to achieve them while others carry their unachieved dreams from childhood to their graves. This essay may help you recall your dreams as well. What did you want when you were a child? Did you dream of becoming someone important? Did you imagine you would be who you are now? Were your dreams instrumental in driving you to achieve higher standards? You can paint your childhood dreams in the reader’s mind vividly with the use of descriptive essay techniques. It can even be written as a narrative essay.

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