Write Your Cause and Effect Essay with Well Justifiable Causes and Effects

Cause and Effect Essays Requires Identifying Linkages

One of the most interesting essays assigned to students is the cause and effect essay. This essay provides students with a sound understanding of what is happening around them and their causes and effects on people, the environment etc. Most students find that writing it a very enjoyable experience. As we know that every action has a result and every result can be traced back to an action, this essay requires the writer to identify the linkages between various causal and dependent variables.

Defining the Essay
This type of essay usually concentrates on the “because of”, “as a result of” and “due to” and what the final outcome is. The essay must explore the “why” and the “how” factors in a situation and you need to find out everything you can about the topic tracing back to the cause or forward to the effect. Once you have a sound understanding of the topic and its causes or effects, you can start on the writing. Remember that this essay is written by providing the reader with reasons and explanations which are well justified.

Planning the Essay
To write a good cause and effect essay you need to plan on what to write. List down few ideas that warrant exploration of causes and effects. Then decide on which subject interests you the most. With interest comes motivation and passionate thinking. Therefore, select a subject area which will motivate you to write an excellent essay. Brainstorm on ideas about the essay. When selecting the subject area to be discussed, students must ensure that the cause and its effect are justified and can be identified with clarity. It will be totally pointless to write on a cause that does not have a clearly established effect or vice versa.

Topics for the Essay
How the essay is presented relies mostly on the essay topic. Therefore, students should ensure that they select good essay topics. Below are some common topics which can be discussed. These topics might need narrowing down as some are too broad to write on.

• Global Warming and its causes
• Television and its effects
• Noise Pollution and its effects
• Terrorism and its causes
• Eating disorders and its repercussions
• Fast food and its effects
• Illiteracy and its causes

These are just some essay topics which can be used to write cause and effect essays. If you go online, there will be many more topics and sample essays which you can refer to and gain better ideas for writing the essay.

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