Writing Career Essay Will Help You Focus on Your Career Goals

Career Essays Help Students Choose the Correct Study Paths

If you are close to leaving high school and attending college or coming closer to graduating from college, writing a will be useful and important. This brings about a realization that you are about to enter the job market and should therefore be ready with the competencies. Such an essay aims to make students focus on their career goals and establish some clarity in their goals. This will help them choose the appropriate study paths in college and universities. In order to write a good essay on career, you need to learn the definition of career. A career was referred in the Oxford dictionary as paid employment for a single occupation undertaken for a substantial period of a person’s life. However, now it is also defined as the process of learning and development to make one better at a task.

There are many angles which can be explored when writing career essays. Provided below are some of them.

A Job or a Career

In order to write this essay you need to first define what a job and what is a career is. We are already familiar with the definition of a career. But what is a job? Isn’t it the same thing? A job for some is paid employment without any interest in furthering oneself for any particular field. A career therefore, is an ambition to do something which one has wanted to do. A lifelong ambition. Your essay can inform readers on the pros and cons of career vs. a job.

Career Goals

A career essay written in this manner will enable you to decide exactly what you want out of life. It will make you question what competencies and qualifications you need to acquire. You can stress on the many ways a good education is important to a high paid job and how without a good education you may never achieve your career goals. Specialized careers as medicine, nursing etc. need specialized qualifications. Students should identify these requirements in advance by establishing their career goals.

A Career in a Certain Profession

Many students grow up wanting to be doctors, nurses, lawyers etc. One of the ways in which you can make this essay an interesting one is to write through the eyes of a person who has already become what he or she wanted to be. For example, the essay can discuss your experiences working as a part time nurse in order to get a feeling of what this was like and what in nursing compelled you to pursue a career as a nurse. Same can be applied to a lawyer, teacher or a therapist.

Importance of Choosing the Right Career Path

Choosing a good career and a suitable one is of great importance. If the wrong choices are made and you realize after years of studying and going through many years of work experience that you have made a mistake it could leave you unhappy and dissatisfied. Therefore, selecting the right career path requires extensive consideration. One of the keys to happiness is doing a job that you love.

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