Approaching Car Essay in Different Angles

The Car Essay is an Interesting Topic for Car Lovers

Car EssayOne of the most interesting writing assignments for students who are studying motor mechanism is the writing of the car essay. As a car is by far the most necessary item for every person in this day and age, there are many views which can be applied to writing an essay on cars. Whichever, method utilized to write the essay, students should keep in mind that thorough knowledge of the topic is important. Let us take a closer look at how this essay can be addressed.

Comparing the Different Types of Cars

When walking down the road you will come across many different types of cars. You will find yourself admiring some while no being impressed by others. What makes you dislike and like various types of cars? This manner of thinking can be used to write an essay where you compare and contrast different types of cars. Keep in mind however, that when writing a compare and contrast essay, you can only compare two or three items. If not, you will not be able to provide a good comparison about the cars being compared. The shapes, models, mileage etc. are some of the dimensions accross which the comparison can be done.

The First Ever Car

Your car essay can discuss the first ever mechanized automobile to run on the road. The first ever car was built in the 1600s by Ferdinand Verbiest. That was just the beginning. Carl Benz was instrumental in building the first ever motorized car. It was built in 1855 and in the present day the evolutions of that car brand is called the Mercedes Benz. Writing an essay of this type requires students to be thoroughly knowledgeable about the time line of automobile history. If written well, this will be an interesting informative essay.

Writing on the Future Cars

With global warming breathing down our shoulders, the best alternative to gas or petrol cars is the electric car. In future, all cars will be driven by electricity or by hybrid energy sources. These cars will be faster, more eco friendly and may even have amphibian capabilities. Future cars have been in the making for a number of years. For example the team of Lotus debuted their four future cars, the Esprit, Elan, Elite and Elise. The Esprit is a two seat rear driver with a 5.0 liter V8 cylinder which will go on sale in the year 2013. As a response to global warming warnings these cars are equipped with hybrid systems that reduce emmissions by 95%.

Car Accidents

An essay on cars can also discuss car accidents. You will be able to write about an accident you were involved in or one which was witnessed by you. It can be on accidents in general as well. Writing such as this, calls for the description essay method and your essay should be vividly described to provide the readers with a mental picture of the accident.

Writing a car essay can be a tough task for those who are not very interested in cars or any other type of machine. These students can obtain help from We will ensure that your essay is written in the best manner conforming to all your requirements.