Boy Essay – Several Approaches to Consider

Getting the Necessary Elements in Place to Write a Boy Essay

Boy EssayA boy essay can encompass many things. If students are feeling particularly adventurous, they can write about the life of a boy. However, a boy essay can also encompass movies made or books written with the title “boy” in it. Therefore, when assigned this type of essay, students need to first and foremost confirm what the essay should be about with their professors. Having said that, let us take a look at several approaches to take in writing this essay.

About a Boy – The Book

About a boy is a book written by Nick Hornby and published in 1998 which was adapted into a movie in 2002. It describes the meeting of two people, Marcus and Will and how their lives are affected after meeting each other. Many incidences occur in the book which in the end changes their perspectives on life and each other.

About a Boy – The Movie

Adapted from the book in 2002, the movie “About a Boy” starred Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult. Made as a comedy drama, the movie is very close in relation to the book. The movie was selected by the American Film Institute as one of the ten best movies of the year.

Writing an Essay Based on About a Boy

About a Boy essay can be written as a compare contrast essay, where you will be able to compare the differences and similarities of the book and the movie. It can also be written as an opinion essay, where you will have to provide your opinion backed by sound evidence. This essay will encourage students to write about the author Nick Hornby as well. In order to write a good essay, students need to ensure that they read the book and watch the movie. If writing about the author, you need to be certain that adequate and accurate information is found to write a good essay on.

Other Ways to Handle the Essay

As mentioned above, this essay can be written in another manner as well. This can be about the problems faced while growing up as a boy, grown ups’ understanding of boys, health and hygiene of adolescent boys etc. Your essay – if you are a girl – can even be about how you will handle life if you were a boy. The difference in gender and how they develop can also be discussed in an essay of this type. As you can plainly see, there are numerous ways in which this essay can be written. All that is required is to get the necessary elements in place to write essay which is outstanding.

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