Thorough Analysis is Required to Critically Write a Book Essay

Book Essays Prompt Students to Engage in In-depth ReadingM

The book essay assignment will have students reading specified texts, analyzing it thoroughly and offering a critical evaluation of the text in the form of an essay. Let us take a closer look at how this is done.

Characteristics of the Essay

Essays for book reviews argue and discuss certain elements in the book in a concise summary. You can either agree or disagree with how the book is written, if it was relevant, the plot and characters. Book reviews are brief writings and it takes special skills to compact information gathered on the book in to an essay of 1000 words or less.

The Process of Writing the Essay

To write a book essay requires sound knowledge of the book in question. If a book is not assigned students will have to discuss with the professor and decide on a suitable one to write their essays. Although the books may differ, the process of preparation and writing the essay remain the same.
• Read the book, completely.
• Analyze each and every important section thoroughly.
• Write down everything you think is relevant to the essay.
• When you find relevant information in the book, use “post it” flags.
• As most book essays are short, word limits are important. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to what elements of the book is to be addressed in the essay.
• Build a strong outline which includes the main ideas in the book. The introduction of the outline should provide a brief summary of the story and its key points. Then the body should

Structure of the Essay

The structure of the essay is the same one which is used to write any other essay. It will include an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction should include the title, author, publisher, the genre and the number of pages in the book. Apart from this information it should provide the reader with a brief summary of the book itself.

Body paragraphs will discuss the purpose and the main themes. Each paragraph in the essay body will discuss one main point or argument. This might be a tough task if the book has many pages and discussing each plot or theme will take time. However, keeping the word limit in mind, students should strive to ensure they differentiate each element discussed with proper and sound evidence. If making comparisons to other books, keep it brief, once again remembering the word count.

The conclusion will restate the thesis and summarise the essay. The conclusion should inform the reader if reading the book is worth their time.

Book essays are interesting writing and it will also educate students to analyze a book thoroughly by its contents.

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