Answering Beowulf Essay Questions Requires Knowledge of the Poem

There are Many Underlying Themes within the Beowulf Topic which the Essay Writer can Decipher

The writing of essays for English coursework is an integral part of a student’s life. There is no avoiding it as tutors or professors assign essay writing for a specific reason. This is for the improvement of the students overall writing skills as well as promoting reading habit which is involved in the researching of material to write an essay. Among the many essays students will have to write, the Beowulf essay is one which requires considerable attention. Below are answers to few Beowulf essay questions which will make students’ task a little less difficult.

What is “Beowulf”?
To understand how to write this essay, students should have a thorough understanding of what it is. Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon poem. It is not known who the author of this poem is. Beowulf is a man who is the embodiment of a true hero. He is known for his battles which are fought with great courage and wisdom. His victorious battles with the monster named Grendel, who has been terrorizing the Danish people for many years is legendary. His final fight with the fierce dragon, show his courage and stamina. For the Danish people there is no stronger and truer hero than Beowulf.

Essay Questions for Students
Having an understanding of what types of Beowulf essay questions will be asked as part of their coursework writing assignments, can make the essay paper writing easier. Below is a list of some essay questions to help you through your writing process.

• Write an introduction to the Beowulf essay using a modern version.
• How is the poem structured and how does it relate to the entire theme of the story?
• Write how Beowulf relates to the literature techniques and perceptions of the middle Ages.
• Religion plays an important role in this poem. Explain the blending of pagan and Christian elements in your essay.
• Discuss the role of women in the story of Beowulf.
• Write a descriptive essay on Beowulf and the role he plays for the salvation of his people.
• Is Beowulf a true hero and a king worthy of praise? Write an opinion essay backed with adequate reasons to your answer.
• What is the difference between Beowulf the hero and Beowulf the king?
• Who is Grendel and what is his role in the poem? Is he a greater threat than the dragon? Provide ample reasons.
• Write an essay on Grendel’s mother’s reaction to his death. Is it similar or dissimilar to a human being’s reactions?

These are some of the questions which students will have to anticipate when they encounter an assignment on this subject. Being well prepared and having a thorough familiarity of the poem and its background can make the student a good writer of this essay.

Writing the Essay
The essay on Beowulf can be written on many aspects and in different essay styles. It can be written as a comparison essay comparing it to modern day circumstances. Or it can be a descriptive or opinion essay. It can also be written as a literature review essay. Students must realize that there are many underlying themes to the poem. Some of these include, “good versus evil”, “helping your neighbor”, “life and its many struggles” etc. There is a vast majority of aspects to select from when writing your essay. Select what you are most comfortable with and proceed.

Answering the Beowulf essay questions requires students to be knowledgeable with the poem. The entire contents of the story or poem should be read and understood in order to answer the Beowulf questions correctly.

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