Writing Different Types of Beauty Essays

The Writing of the Beauty Essay Depends on the Type of Essay Assigned

Beauty Essay“Beauty is the in eye of the beholder” was quoted by Plato. What does this mean? It means that every person sees beauty in a different way. What is beautiful to one will not be beautiful to another. Many poets and writers have tried to define beauty. But how will you handle the writing of a beauty essay.

Writing an essay of this type will provide students a wonderful opportunity to express their views on what they perceive as beauty. Beauty can be an early morning sunrise or the sunset in the evening. Beauty can be the face of the child a mother sees for the first time. Beauty can be the sound of a person singing for the first time. All these aspects can be described as beautiful.

Topics for the Essay?

Topics for this essay will rely solely on the type of essay assigned. For example, this type of essay will not only be an essay on beauty but also an essay on certain literary texts with the name beauty in it. This can be the novel “Black Beauty” or it can even be the movie “American Beauty” or “A beautiful mind”. Or it can be the poem written by Lord Byron “She walks in beauty”. It is important that students verify this element before they proceed any further with the writing of the essay.

Apart from this element, topics for the beauty essay will consist of;
• The meaning of beauty to you. This can be written as an opinion essay.
• Natural beauty vs. Cosmetic beauty
• Are beauty pageants really necessary?
• The differences in inner beauty and physical beauty.
• The importance of being beautiful to get ahead in the world.
• To be beautiful – a cause for great stress in women.
• The beauty of the world as seen through someone’s eyes.
• How does love make you feel beautiful?
• Creating beauty through art.

These are some of the topics which can be considered when writing the essay.

Handling the Writing

The writing of this essay is similar to that of any other essay type. If it is based on novels or poems, students will have to understand what the writer meant by beauty. If it is based on a movie with the word “beauty” in it, students have to watch the movie and understand its workings.

Adhere to writing requirements and formats and you will be able to submit a well written professionally perfect essay.

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