How to Avoid Writing a Bad Essay?

Many Factors Contribute to essays becoming Bad Essays

No one wants to write a bad essay and get low marks. After all a certain amount of efforts is to be put in to writing any essay be it bad or good and it only takes a little bit extra effort to make your essays excellent from a mere mediocre one. There will be many essays to write and you should try getting above the average line and certainly not fall as low to write a bad or failed essay even for those subjects that you do not particularly like or excel at. So, for that matter, let us find out what makes an essay bad.

There are few critical elements which contribute to essays becoming good and the absence of these factors can make way to bad essays. An essay should have a strong and precise central theme or a thesis to support its effective progression. A good essay will be written based on a thesis introduced in the introductory paragraph of the essay. Rest of the body paragraphs should be linked to the thesis. If essay lacks cohesion and ideas are scattered all around without much logic then this will definitely be considered a poor essay. This can be avoided by using an essay outline and planning your essay structure properly.

Another detrimental factor contributing to poor essay writing is the lack of attention given to selecting topic ideas. The topics you select should be interesting, within the parameter of the subject or assignment and have ample material to use as evidence. These essay topics should be distinct and the essay writer should be passionate or interested in it in the least.

A “hall mark” of bad essays lies in repetition of ideas and statements. This happens mainly when students run out of ideas and content for the essay. This is why a good essay is written after a comprehensive research on the subject from various sources. A bad essay on the other hand lacks good content from reliable and respected sources such as journals, text books, publications etc.

A poorly written essay contains language errors, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. They also tend to be too wandering in nature and lack proper style of writing. To avoid writing bad essays, students should edit and proofread their work couple of times without fail.

Writing good essays is the objective of any student and tutors expectation too is to see a well written essay submitted by their students. This is why you should avoid submitting poor quality essays at all costs. If you feel ineffective in writing a good essay, seek help from a professional writing service such as coursework-writing They will do they best to provide you with outstanding essays no matter what field or study they are written for. You can use these essays for future reference as well and as a guidance of how good essays are written.