Different Avenues to Explore in Writing an Art Essay

Writing an Art Essay Calls for Pooling together Creativity and Theory

Art Essay
Art is not only about drawing things on canvasses and paper. Art is also about studying different art techniques, different types of famous artists and also art history. There is both a creative element and a theoretical element to be pooled together in art assignments. Students doing art coursework needs to bear this in mind when writing an art essay.

Different Art Techniques

When it comes to art, there are different techniques one can use to explore or express their creativity. These techniques include drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, printing, handcrafts and even photography etc. Each student will have different ways to show their creative skills. An essay aimed at providing information on different art techniques will require students to be thorough and knowledgeable about all these techniques. However, being a student, he or she does not necessarily have to be an expert at using these techniques; they only need to have good knowledge of their requirements.

Famous Artists

There are hundred of famous artists which you will be able to write about if you are selecting this method of writing. Marc Chagal, Salvador Dali, Leonardo da Vinci, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, and Pablo Picasso are just some of the world famous artists you can write about. Keep in mind, a good essay requires you to not only provide background information about the artists’ life but also his paintings and an analysis of what you believe was going through his mind when he or she was painting a portrait or picture. This will make for an interesting coursework writing assignment.

History of Art

An art essay written with a discussion of the history of art needs to be narrowed down to a manageable level. The topic is too vast for one essay to encompass. Therefore, you should select a particular time or period in art to write about. This manner of writing the essay requires specific details. Therefore, thorough knowledge should be acquired about the dates and places you mention. Art essays can discuss the Roman era, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt and even Chinese art. These topics too, need to be narrowed down to a manageable level.

Analysing a Particular Picture or Sculpture

This method of writing the essay can be a bit challenging. Similar to that of writing about a famous artist, students will have to know the picture or sculpture inside out to write a good essay about it. Reading on all the information they can gather will provide students different avenues to explore when writing their essays using this method.

Writing an art essay can be a pleasurable and exciting experience for all art students. The information they stand to gain on the topic they select is immense. Therefore, when you are assigned the task of writing an essay such as this, make sure to choose the subject area which you have both creative competence as well as good theoretical knowledge.

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