Selecting an Arguable Argumentative Essay Topic

Agumentative Essay Topics should have Two Conflicting Viewpoints

Debates and speeches are very common in high school and college. Success of your arguments will also depend upon the topic you choose to argue upon. Writing essays on argumentative essay topics is similar to the debates and speeches you would have taken part. This type of essay writing is considered interesting than that of any other writing as it brings your innate competitiveness and argumentativeness to the play. If you wish to write this essay effectively, be well armed with facts, data and evidence of other forms. You will be arguing that your point of view is the most valid. To support this you will need strong proof and evidence which are factual. With this ammunition you will be ready to write your argumentative essay. But what if the topic is not assigned? You will need to make sure of selecting a good arguable topic for writing your essay.

Selecting a Good Topic

Selecting a good topic for your argument essay is easy if you keep in mind the most important element of a topic of this nature. An argumentative essay topic needs to have two conflicting points of view. Without this aspect your topic will not have anything to argue upon and will be dull and static. The next element to consider is if you have adequate information to back your argument. The topic may interest you enough to consider writing it, but if there is no proper evidence to back your argument you should consider another option. Below are some topics which you can consider for your essay.

Video and Computer Games and their Impact on Children

The only positive effect computer games will have on children is that it improves the child’s manual dexterity and computer literacy. Apart from this element, there are many negative effects of computer and video games. These include, lack of exercise, antisocial behaviour, lack of concentration power on activities such as reading and the addictive behaviour. You can take a stand and argue on its positive impact or its negative impact and define which is more important to a child’s development.

Should Abortion be Legalised?

This is another good argumentative essay topic which can be discussed at length. You can discuss on how abortion for convenience sake is wrong and abortion to save the mother’s life is correct. There are reasons which can be used in wrongful abortion where you can argue about the mother’s right to do with her body as she wishes. However, you can counter this argument with the fact that the foetus is a separate individual who has rights as well.

Should Same Sex Marriage be Encouraged?

This topic will spark many emotions as it is a very “hot” debatable topic. There are many opposing views of how God intended only Adam and Eve to be married and not Adam and Steve! There is also the consideration of changing the face of one of society’s oldest institutions which will diminish the validity of a healthy heterosexual marriage.

Should Developed World Stop Aid to Third World?

While most would say the third world countries deserve a helping hand, some may choose to argue that such help makes these countries complacent and unproductive. It can be said that every nation should strive on their own without becoming dependent upon other nations to support their economy.

As evident, you should always choose a controversial topic to spark interest and have people taking stance on both sides of the topic. If you have any problems writing or coming up with good argumentative essay topics, is your answer. We will select an interesting and relevant topic and if you wish write your essay as well.

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