Write an Argument Essay That Can Convince Your View

Argument Essays Require Persuasion and Presentation Skills

In the course of a students’ academic career, an argument essay will be a common requirement. Students in high schools, colleges, universities and even employees at work need to come up with argumentative writing at some point of time. The argument essay must contain analyses and genuine evidences. Reasonable recommendations should be written. Also you should relate to cases and real life examples to argue strongly and to build confidence among readers on the argument you are presenting.

Writers should authenticate their arguments throughout the write-up and this is the main intent of argument essays. Your selected view should be proven precise and valid while the other views should be proven nullified. An unspoken debate should be reflected in the essay.

Pre Writing Preparations

• You have to research on the topic meticulously as much as possible. It’s better to ask for different views from various parties.

• Selection of a rational side to argue with will be beneficial and can create positivism.

• Structure the literature. Jot down the notes in a chronological order.

• Finally you have to find out your reader’s perception and the attitude towards your argument not to offend him/her and obtain the best interest.

Essay Writing Steps:

An appropriate topic should be selected. It is essential that a
good thesis statement is written. Your argument should create a comprehensible foundation in the readers mind.

Points and facts relating to your argument should be written in the body content. The content should look like a debate. Significance of the writer’s views and the opposite view will have to be presented. Each argument should be written in different paragraphs to be understandable.

The summery of the argument must be written. The argument should come to an end clearly stating that your argument is lively.

You have to pay more concern to the language to be used. It should be strong and confrontational. More touching expressions should be avoided and a decisive tone should be projected through the message conveyed.

There are two ways in which argument essays can be written. Firstly you can argue with your view by presenting the conflicting points. Secondly you can present your view first and can argue the opposite view at the end of the essay. Either way will be suitable and attractive if you present with well-built arguments.

You have to read through the essay several times since there is a threat of deviating from the point towards the end as some views will mislead you. Furthermore irrelevant literature should be avoided as this would disturb and distract the readers greatly.

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