Arguing Your Way Through with an Argument Essay

All Facts Used In Writing An Argument Essay Should Be Sound

An argument essay can be written in two ways. The first would be if the topic is a controversial one, the student can take a stand and argue about whether he is for or against this topic. This will be done by weighing the plus and minus sides of the issue. The other would be to argue about a certain point. In this instance, the student will not take any sides but will try and support his argument using sound evidence.

Whichever way this essay is written you will still have to take a position and present evidence to support it. For example, you might be given a topic such as is Internet good or bad for kids? In this instance you will have to give the advantages of the internet and the disadvantages as well. Then you will take a stand and say if you think the internet is a good idea and give reasons as to why it is so.

The difference between an essay of this nature and a persuasive essay is that with a persuasive essay you can use both emotion and reason to make a point. Essay writing of argumentative nature mostly rely on facts to make their point.

Topic selection
The importance of a good essay topic cannot be stressed enough. Your topic is one of the contributor to the success of the essay being written. Therefore, it is important to select one with caution. Make sure that it is not too broad and has enough research material to use as evidence to support your points. Also make sure it has two or three different conflicting points of view. This will make it easier to argue.

Your position
What is the position you will take on this topic? Are you for or against it? Keep in mind that your stand on the position will have to be reasonable and logical. You need to justify why you are taking that stand. This is not an opinion essay either. So, it can’t be just because it’s in your opinion that you should support or oppose a view. It should be logically backed.

Essay Planning
In the essay plan stage, write down the pros and the cons of your argument. If you are writing this essay in an impartial manner you will have to present both sides of your argument objectively. Then you can state that you are supporting one of the sides due to certain reasons which are valid and justifiable. Using an essay outline will also help you to write your argument essay in a coherent manner.

Use plenty of reliable and acceptable reference material. Scholarly journal databases such as Emerald Insight, ProQuest, and Questasia are some of the paid subscription sites that offer access to a wide variety of peer reviewed journal articles and published papers. Do not forget to cite your sources as per proper format. Your coursework info sheet will most probably state which reference system to be applied. It could be MLA, APA or Harvard which happens to be the most commonly used systems.

While you are in the process of writing this Argumentative essay, refer to some online essay examples as well. If you need essay help, companies such as Coursework-Writing will be there to assist you with all types of assignments at different study levels.