Writing an Impressive Application Essay

Application Essays Should Convey your Strengths and Life Goals

Everyone is familiar with what an application essay is. It is a basic essay written for admission into a college or any form of academic organization. These essays prompt the student to undertake a serious writing exercise. There are thousands of essays which pour into colleges and universities during admission intake period. The admission board or selection committee place a high priority on this essay in making the final decision. As this essay plays such a vital role in your academic career it is better that you know all there is to know about it.

First of all, did you know that there are two types of application essays? Application essays can be either a personal statement or written in response to a posed essay question. Let us educate you on what each of these essays are.

Personal Statements

This type of essay is written mainly for doctoral and master’s or law programs. It gives the student complete freedom to select a topic within his or her subject field. This will also allow you to highlight your strengths as you will have to define yourself in the essay. The main objective behind the writing of the personal statement is for the readers to be able to evaluate your writing skills, have an understanding of your life objectives and the experiences and exposure you have acquired to date. Thus, the personal statement will inform the readers on how capable you are and how worthy you are to be granted entrance into the academic organization. This type of essay will generally discuss two aspects. These are the “what” and “why”. The “what” aspect will be on what skills and strength sets you apart and these should be included in the essay if they are not visible anywhere else in the application pack. The “why” will describe how these achievements have made you who you are and how they will help you in achieving your personal goals.

Response Essays

Response essays on the other hand, vary from a personal statement as it has to answer a specific question provided by the Board. These essays are short and therefore, will require you to write only about one page. This essay basically requires the students to answer the question as clearly as possible through critical analysis. Therefore, you have to ensure that you do this with a thorough understanding of what is being asked. If not, your response will be incorrect. And as a result, your essay will be ineffective.

Other Tips to Consider

Regardless of the way you need to write your application essay you have to ensure that certain characteristics are apparent in it. A good essay will provide the readers with an understanding that you have given great consideration to what you want for your future. This is done by providing the readers with a vivid and compelling picture. It, in essence, makes the reader feel that they know you and understand you. This is the purpose of the essay and if your essay has achieved this, it will be a guaranteed success.

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