Different Types of Analysis are Required for an Analysis Essay

Analysis Essays Depend Upon Dissecting the Whole in to Segments

An analysis essay requires students to think critically and deeply probe the entire whole by dissecting it in to separate constituent segments. Essays of this type are usually provided as a means for students to be able to assess texts, behaviour or any other concept using analysis in order to gain an understanding of the subject. There are different types of essays written for analysis. Let us take a closer look at these types.

Literary Analysis
A literary analysis is one where students will be provided a certain text and they will read and decipher it and offer the author’s interpretation of it. In other words students will offer their analytical opinions on the written work. This type of analysis requires students to evaluate creative writing in a critical manner. Critical does not mean students have to offer negative opinions only within analysis essays. Critical also means to offer positive opinions as well. With a literary analysis, students should ensure that the text is read thoroughly. You cannot begin to analyze something which you do not understand. In order to add respectability and a more professional face to the essay students should use words such as, setting, character, imagery, figurative language etc.

Character Analysis
The analysis of a character is a way of understanding a person and his characteristics. This type of analysis is written in an essay as a means of showing the tutors that not only did you read the text, but also were able to use sound judgement on what is depicted by various characters and roles with in a particular plot. The best way for you to do this is to select a character which interests you. This will enable you to write a good essay on that person.

Process Analysis
The process analysis essay will have the writer analysing an entire process and breaking it down in to step by step activities. Then the essay will provide the reader with a procedural explanation of how to conduct the process under review. This is done by a detailed, logical explanation. The most important element of this essay is that it should follow a logical sequence of events, also known as chronological order.

Case Analysis
This is a common form of assignment for business studies, legal studies etc. Students will be detailed on a particular case scenario and called upon to analyse it entirely to identify the situation, the issues, the root causes, symptoms etc, and then provide recommendations. This type of essays requires application of various theories and models to conduct the analysis.

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