An Essay on Man – An Interesting Essay Topic to Write On

Two Possible Assignments on the Subject of “Essay on Man”

An Essay on Man An essay on man can be perceived in two different ways. This will depend on the type of essay you are requested to write. For example, if you have been studying the poem “An Essay on Man” by Alexander Pope, your essay will be based on studying and understanding what the poet wished to convey in his writing. The other method is, if you are assigned to write an essay about man. Let us take a closer look at how we can write this type of essay in both ways.

Understanding of Writing about the Poem

Written in 1734 as a series of four epistles, by Alexander Pope, the poem “essay on man” defines man’s purpose on Earth. It goes onto explain that man is capable of reasoning on his own and then questions the nature of Christianity. It states that man is not superior to God but is somewhere between God and beast. He rightly identifies man’s weaknesses and goes onto praise man about science and what he can achieve through science. However, although man achieves much through the knowledge he gains, he is still considered a “fool” because of his ignorance despite his knowledge.

Writing an essay on man as regarded through the poem, you will have to have an in depth understanding of the poem. Only then will you be able to write an effective essay based on it. Writing an argument essay on your opinion of whether Pope was correct in his assumptions will make for good writing. Similarly a literacy essay can be written critically assessing the ideas, message and the writing style used by the composer.

Understanding of Writing about the Essay

Writing essays about man will educate students on how far man has come from its crude status in the ice age to the current 21st century. This writing is similar to that of the poem. Mankind has made substantial progress through life. Man’s progress through life can be judged from wearing a loin cloth to wearing designer labels, from lighting a fire by rubbing two stones together to simply pressing a switch on a stove. This essay type can be written as a comparison essay where you will compare the advancement of man from then to now.

Essays on man can also discuss man’s need for material things and how hard he has to work for the things he wants. How he works at achieving his goals will be cause for discussion. Will it be through honest means or dishonest means? This is another element to be considered when writing the essay in this manner.

Whichever way you interpret the writing of essays on man, you need to follow proper writing protocol. This requires you to adhere to the correct essay structure, selection of a good topic and proper writing skills. Only with these elements perfected will you be able to write a good essay.

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