How to Write an Essay about a Particular Subject

Be Competent to Write an Essay About a Person, a Subject, a Place, an Event or Any other Matter

An Essay About Many different essays are assigned to students. These essays are categorized into different types to enable easy understanding its requirements. An essay can be written about anything. The only difference is that the type will differ according to the subject and topic is written on. For example, an essay about abortion can be written as a persuasive essay, an argumentative essay or even an opinion essay. Similarly a science essay is an informative or expository essay in general.

Let us take a look at how some different types of essays can be written.

Writing a Controversial Essay

Controversial essays are similar to that of argumentative essays. These essays are about controversial subject topics that are debated on strongly. All controversial or argumentative essays have to possess this quality. This is what makes these essays interesting. There are many topics which a controversial essay can handle. These include, global warming, same sex marriages, capital punishment, role of IMF, Ethicality of euthanasia etc. This essay can be written by providing the reader the pros and the cons of the topic and trying to persuade the reader into agreeing with the writer’s point of view.

An Essay on How to Do Some Thing

An essay about the process of something is written in a process essay. The process essay provides the reader an understanding of how something is done in the most organized manner possible. The sequence of the process will be explained in an order for the benefit of the reader to understand. These essays are usually used to write how something is done. It is therefore, similar to that of the expository essay.

Writing a Design Essay

A design essay can encompass many things. It can be about graphic design, technical designs, car designs etc. It can also cover design features of various software, or designing of a web site. These are essays about technical aspects and design process of the subject topic. Although technical by nature, these essays have to be written in a manner which even a layman will be able to comprehend.

Writing a Narrative Essay

If you wish to write your essay in a manner which tells a story about something, you will be able to do so as a narrative essay. An essay written about a person or an experience can be written in this manner. The story telling skills can be translated in to story writing skills in attempting to write this type of essay.

Writing a Descriptive Essay

If you wish to write an essay on what someone, something or a place or an experience, you will be able to do so in a descriptive essay. This is written by ensuring that all five of your senses are used to describe the object or subject to the best of your abilities.

As is plainly visible, essays can be written on just about anything. What will differ is the manner in which it is written. You will not be able to write a story about someone or something in a design essay and you will not be able to write about the design in a personal essay. If you keep this element in mind, you will be able to write an essay about just anything.

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