America Essay – An Insight in to the Great Super Power of the World

Write Your America Essays in Most Informative Manner Possible

There are many reasons why students are assigned to write the America essay. Writing this essay will educate students on different aspects of the country, will make them aware of the problems which the country faces and also allow them to see the beauty and its history in a whole new perspective.

This essay can be written on any topic as long as it is relevant to the country. If you are an American you will be surprised at the amount of knowledge you will absorb through the writing of this essay. This is exactly what your teachers aim for. After all, you will not be a good citizen of the country if you do not know anything about it.

Topics for the Essay

Good topics for the America essay will have to be interesting, relevant and informative. Students should keep in mind to narrow the topic down to a manageable level as one essay will not be able to encompass the entire history or any other aspect of the country. Below is a list of topics which you can consider.

• What it means to be an American. This topic will have you thinking about your life and whether others are as better as or worse off than you. This is a good way to open your eyes to the lives of others.

• The history of America. This topic will have to be narrowed down to a manageable level. Students can discuss the Indians and Christopher Columbus. Or they can discuss the Civil War or any other historical incident which made significance to the country.

• Poverty in America. Yes, there is poverty in America. There are people who have no proper housing, food or education. These are important elements to consider when writing the essay.

• The lives of the rich and famous. This will bring great interest to the writer. Everyone is aware of the celebrities in America. Your essay can talk about one person and what it would be like for that person to live in this country. Or you can imagine yourself as a rich and famous person living in America.

• The economy in America. This is an element which can be discussed at great length. Students can discuss the economy and its repercussions; compare the economy a few years back to the present day etc.

• American Politics – America made history by appointing Barak Obama as the first president from a minority group to rule a nation. The leader of this nation is not only the ruler of USA but wield great power over the happenings of the entire world. Discussing democracy and political orientations of America will be an interesting topic area.

Researching is Important to the Essay

There are many topics which students can select to write their essays on. These topics will have to be investigated thoroughly in order for your America essays to be informative.

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