An Academic Essay Needs to Carry Serious Academic Content

Academic Essays should be written in Formal Language

An academic essay is a written paper which contains serious academic content and written in similarly formal fashion. This can be a dissertation, term paper or even the essays written for coursework. The essay will concentrate mainly on analyzing a subject and reporting on it. All types of academic writing are required from students. From the time you are in high school till you leave your academic studies behind you will have much academic writing to do. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to write your essays qualifying for this category in the proper manner.

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Why is it Important?
Writing of academic essays, improves your communication skills as well as general writing skills. These skills are required when you go on to further your education. For example, if you wish to do a master’s or a doctoral degree, this type of writing will help you to hone your skills to perfection in order to write excellent dissertation or thesis papers. The proposal writing and process essays for example will groom you for future writing work in the work place.

Structure of the Essay
These essays must be well structured with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. In order to write a good essay you need to know what to include in each of these sections. The introduction will introduce the topic to the reader with brief background material. Then it will go on to introduce what you will discuss in the essay. This is done in the thesis statement, which is one sentence at the end of the introduction informing the reader what the essay will be about. The body paragraphs, which should be a minimum of three, will explain the thesis statement by the use of proper evidence. The conclusion will bring closure to the essay by “wrapping it up” by summarizing the main points.

Research for the Essay
As the academic essay is written in response to something which was read or studied during class coursework, questions for the academic essay will be based on the course curriculum. Research is important to the essay as it is mainly based on facts. Therefore, students are strongly advised to use credible academic sources for research. These will include journals, articles and primary sources. If there is a study text, this too should be referred to and cited. When conducting research, it is important that everything relevant to the issue is noted down. This will save time if you have to back track for any information.

Building an Outline for the Essay
An outline is an important element for the essay. It helps you to organize your writing in the order it should be presented in the essay. Organization is one of the key elements which make an essay a good one. If you wish for your essay to be organized, you need to ensure that an outline is used. This is a critical technique in the academic writing process as cohesiveness of essay determines the marks you receive to a greater degree.

Academic essays need to be written in a manner which is formal. Therefore, students need to ensure that they use proper language when writing. The proper grammar, vocabulary, terminology and sentence structure all add to achieving such formal writing style.

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