A Critical Essay Will Offer Positive and Negative Criticism

Critical Essays Need to Address Key Points of the Matter Critically

To be able to analyze something and discuss it critically is a skill which most students possess. However, there is a misconception of what criticism is in writing. When students write a critical essay, they are not only offering negative views on the subject, but positive ones as well. This is what criticism in an essay of this type means.

What to Criticize
This type of essay can be written on a play, movie, books or even historical writings or artworks. The ability to successfully criticize in an essay requires the student to be thorough with the subject. This requires sound investigation into the topic. Therefore, as with any other essay, you need to have proper knowledge of the subject.

Planning the Essay
When writing the critical essay, students need to ensure that the essay is informative. This type of essay is focused mainly on facts and should not have any unsupported opinions. Therefore, any observations made should be backed by sound evidence. As a result, students should avoid using any words such as “in my opinion” or “I think” etc.

Topic Selection
Most topics are assigned by tutors. If this is not so, students need to select a good topic for the essay. Make sure that the topic is manageable and can be written well within the number of words specified. It should also offer good scope for such critical analysis. For example, if you are assigned to write an essay on a novel, select a certain section of the novel to criticise. If you intend to criticize the entire novel you will be unable to do so as the number of words in the essay limits you. So, if you are writing your essay on “Romeo and Juliet” select a certain theme, dialogue or character from the play to write about.

Structure of the Essay
All essays have structures. The same is applicable for critical essays as well. Your essay should have an introduction with background information and why the topic is worthy of being written. Support the argument in the body paragraphs and provide evidence for doing so. Section out the main key points in your criticism and then use separate paragraphs to discuss them. The negatives and positives related to each key point should be included in the writing. Here, once again do not offer your opinions. What matters is not why something is wrong or right, but your ability to prove your theory. Conclude with a summary of the essay and restate the main points.

Research is of utmost importance for these essays. Whatever you are stating needs to be backed up by sound evidence. Much information can be found in libraries and through the internet. Always ensure that information and sources used are cited in the proper essay formats. If not, you will be accused of plagiarism.

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