A+ Business Studies Coursework

Handling Business Studies Coursework Effectively

Education courseworkBusiness Studies Courseworkis an essential part of the studies of those students who choose commerce stream of studies. This choice is made from GCSE level onwards. Business studies is a part of the AS and AL curriculum as well and those who opt to follow a business degree will also need to complete coursework for business studies during their college years. At each level, the depth and diversity of topics will vary but the common focus will be on the matters related to the field of business operations. While the types of coursework may differ from business essays, case study analysis to report formulation, one thing in common with these coursework will be the need to apply a deep level of analysis and provide practical and feasible recommendations if that is part of the assignment requirements.

Business Reports
One of the complex and stringent of the coursework for this subject is in writing various forms of business reports. Just as specific essay formats, this work also need to adhere to proper report formats. You may be asked to write a Marketing Plans, New Product Launch Plans, A communication plan, or a Business Plan. Depending on the subject area you will need to incorporate marketing theory in to application. For instance, in your business plan, you will need to apply the theories of environmental scanning such as ETOP analysis, Porter’s Five force model for industry analysis, SWOT for internal and external environmental auditing etc. You may be also writing an extended version of such a report in place of a business or marketing dissertation as some educational institutions allow for making such a choice for the business degree students.

Case Analysis

Another type of business studies assignments includes the Case Analysis reports. These are based on given material that concerns a certain business situation and often involving a fictitious or real life business organization. These assignments need a high level of analytical skills and ability to apply theory to practice. Problem or situational analysis tools should be applied and recommendations are expected to be given. Similar to Law coursework, these case analysis papers can be backed by outside evidence. However some coursework instructions stipulate the students to strictly restrict their reference to the case text provided. Term papers and Essays
The most common and the more straight forward assignments include business coursework and term papers. You can choose from a wide variety of essay topics since the subject of business studies is very diverse. These can range from marketing, Human Resource management to production and finance matters. You can select topics such as implementing quality programs such as TQM or strategic management systems such as Balance Score Cards. You may also choose a topic such as new product development or financial analysis. You will need to apply correct theories and cite real examples while citing reliable sources. You may also need to back up your arguments or recommendations with forecasts or calculations. This plays a key role in business assignments since business matters are heavily dependent on profitability and numbers.

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