Learn the Requirements of the 5 Paragraph Essay

5 Paragraph Essay is a Basic Format for Academic Essays

5 Paragraph Essay From the time students are in primary school, they have been taught to write essays. These essay writings over the years improves the student’s knowledge of writing skills. It enhances the students’ writing skills, and enables them to perform well when they move on to a college education. Therefore, the art and science of essay writing should be mastered at an early age. If not, the students will find this to be a tiresome and challenging task. In the process of acquiring skills on essay writing, students have to master the use of 5 paragraph essay format. Here are few tips on this common essay format.

Understanding the Essay

This is a very versatile essay format. A simple essay about “My Self” to a complex one such as “World War I and II” can be written using this structure. There are many types of essays which use the 5 paragraph structure. These will range from the argumentative essay to a compare and contrast essay. When in middle school, you will be educated on what the requirements of this essay are. This section, if not understood, will make the writing of essays a most challenging task. Therefore, paying strict attention to the requirements will enable you to not only make the process easier, but also to write better essays.

Structure of the Essay

The 5 paragraph essay has five basic parts, hence, the name. These include the introduction, three body paragraphs and the conclusion. These are the only elements which differ from that of the 3 paragraph essay format. If the proper writing methods of these sections are understood, you are well on your way to submitting an academic essay of high calibre.

• Introduction – This section will introduce your essay to the reader. It will provide the reader with background information on the topic and the thesis statement. This section is the motivator. If written well it should motivate the reader to continue with the rest of the essay.

• Body Paragraphs – As mentioned above, this will consist of three paragraphs. Each paragraph will back the thesis statement with sufficient evidence gathered through thorough research. At least, three supporting points to each paragraph should be provided to make it more credible.

• Conclusion – This signifies the end of the essay. In order to end the essay, you need to reiterate the thesis and sum up the entire essay. This section needs to clear all arguments adequately. Any confusion on the reader’s mind will mean an unsuccessful essay.

Other Important Elements

Apart from knowing how to write essay in this format, there are other considerations which need to be kept in mind as well. These include topic selection, thorough research, adherence to specified formatting and citation requirements, and proper presentation. Any essay, regardless of whether proper structure is followed, needs to have the abovementioned as well. Only then will it be considered a good essay.

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