Writing Your Dissertation Abstract

Dissertation Abstract should be a Concise but all Inclusive Summary

When students are finishing their dissertation writing, a Dissertation abstract is a must to comply with the dissertation requirements. It is a one page concise but all inclusive summary of what the whole dissertation is about. This is similar to an executive summary that precedes a business report. The abstract has to be kept to the point and students have the hard task of including all key points of a 100-200 page dissertation in to one page. An interesting essay introduction will engage your readers’ attention.

  • Placement of Abstract

Abstract generally comes after the title page, table of content and the dissertation acknowledgement. This will be followed by the first chapter of the dissertation. But in some cases, students provide a section termed as study outline in which a very brief short paragraph overview of each chapter is provided prior to the starting of the chapters.
If you have gained a good understanding of how to write a dissertation, you will also know that the abstract should be written at the very last stage after completing the whole dissertation. Having completed the dissertation writing, you will note the most important elements or the essence of the whole study and write your abstract. Get a gcse science coursework here to make sure you get good grades

  • Content of Abstract

The essence of your study will consist of what the study problem is, what is the existing knowledge on the subject matter, what hypothesis you made and what methodology was used in your investigation. The dissertation methodology should be described in brief but clear manner as this is highlights the robustness of your investigation. The abstract will not usually discuss the findings in great detail but state the validity of the study hypothesis or if the investigation was based on a qualitative study, the new insights which were uncovered. The abstract should conclude with a statement that amounts to the valuable contributions of useful knowledge to the particular field of study your dissertation pertained to.

  • Proofreading your Abstarct

As in any other document, your dissertation abstract should be written in proper and accurate language. Make sure that no spelling and grammatical errors are present as we are looking at the fist and the most read part of your dissertation. This is the page that creates the first impression for your dissertation panel as well as any other reader. Make sure the abstract is proof read along with the rest of the dissertation by a professional proofreader.

  • Help with your Abstarct

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Ask your teacher for some tips on writing a good conclusion.