Educate Yourself on What is a Research Proposal

Knowing What is Research Proposal Will Help Students Write One That Gets Approved

For most students essay writing is a challenge. However, this challenge should be overcome as when they advance on to degree level studies; there will be a need for more complicated writing. When students go on to obtain master’s or PhD degrees students will have to submit many written documents. One of these documents includes a dissertation research paper. Dissertations require high caliber formal writing. The starting point of a research study is the research proposal. For students who are new to writing research papers, it is normal to ask “what is research proposal?” Let us examine this thoroughly by educating ourselves on what it is and how to write one as well.

What is a research proposal?
A Research proposal is a document which addresses a particular scientific or academic research project. It is written in order to convince the research committee members that your research project has potential and is worthy of proceeding upon. It also needs to convince the committee that you are capable of conducting the necessary empirical research activities to complete the dissertation or research project. An approved research proposal gives students leeway on two aspects. For example, it will grant the student the permission to carry out the research project and write the research paper. It also allows the student to seek research funding in the form of a grant or scholarship. Therefore the importance of a well written research proposal needs no elaborations.

A basic research proposal will inform the readers as to what the researcher intends to find out, how they will proceed with the investigation, and plans for accomplishing these objectives. How the research proposal is written will affect the decision of the committee. Even if you have a brilliant research idea, if it is not clearly expressed and convincingly written on, there is little chance of others seeing the potential merit of your idea. Therefore, it is important to educate yourself on how to write a research proposal in the proper manner.

How to write a Research Proposal
Regardless of which type of category you fall into, whether you are a scientist or an academic student, the proposal should have adequate information that your research idea is sound and that you understand the issues related to the topic and is capable of carrying out the entire research. Knowledge of how to write a thesis in its entirety can reflect well within the proposal. This is because the proposal contains the key elements from the research paper in concise form. Following are the main components of a dissertation or research proposal.

• The abstract – which summarize the paper in 200-250 words maximum. This will be informing the reader of the research question, the intended knowledge contribution, the significance of the study and the study methodology.

• The introduction – this is in fact the first chapter of a dissertation research and will inform the reader the purpose of the study, its relevance, the context and why the study is important.

• Review of Literature – this section of the proposal reviews some of the key literature on the subject to establish that other scholars have also identified the existence of the research issue which adds to the validity of the research question.

• Methodology – outlines the methods of research and provides reasons as to how this is suitable for the study.

• Time plan and Milestones – as the project is long range, there is a need for proper time planning. Milestones for assessment of progress as well as contingency time need to be built in.

• Conclusion – will sum the proposal and then state what will be the immediate next action in the dissertation writing process, once the approval is received.

Above information would have provided some information for your question of “what is a research proposal?” But the need for dwelling deeper and reading on the subject can increase your capability of formulating a high quality paper that will get you the green light to proceed.

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