Thesis Table of Content Should be Done in an Organized Manner

Formatting the Thesis Table of Content properly is Essential for a Professional Image of the Work

Any book or a document with different sections or chapters has a table of contents. This helps the reader to figure out where each section and chapter of the book or the document is located. As the thesis too is a lengthy document, it needs a table of contents. The thesis table of contents acts as a guide to the reader to figure out what is located where. This may not be common to essay writing but it is very common when writing a thesis or a dissertation. Suffice it to say, that a thesis will be considered incomplete without a table of contents.

Writing a Contents Page
The thesis will be written to a specific thesis format. These could be the APA or MLA etc. How you write the contents page depends on the format you use to write the thesis. As the purpose of the contents page is to guide the reader with the listing and contents, what you include in this section is of primary importance. The contents page is all about numbering the pages right, therefore, you need to be 100% accurate. If you number any page in the contents section incorrectly, the page will be ineffective. As the APA format is the most commonly used, this article will educate you on how to write your contents page in this format.

Contents Page in the APA Format
• The page title which is “Table of Contents” should be centred and typed in capital letters. The APA thesis requires that no underlining is done on the title.

• One space below the title type in “Page” on the right hand side of the paper.

• As the thesis should have an abstract, acknowledgements etc, they need to be typed in first and should be in capitals. These pages are marked with lower case Roman numerals.

• The main sections of each chapter should be in capitals on the left side of the page and should be indented ¼ inch. Once you type this in you need to include leader dots which will take you to the right side of the page. Here, you need to list the page number in roman numerals flush with the right margin. These will appear under the “page” header.

• Subheadings should be kept to a minimum. However, if you include a subheading to one section ensure that each section of the thesis table of contents has a subheading. These should be indented on the left side by ½ inch.

Table of Contents Writing Tip
The abovementioned should be adhered to strictly when writing the table of contents for the thesis. If the page numbers are not aligned properly, and if each section is not typed in properly the thesis paper will look disorganized. Therefore to create a good impression and make sure the reader can easily comprehend the layout of the document, writer must ensure that the thesis table of contents page is done properly. This rule is applied to any dissertation writing project.

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