Importance of a Thesis Proposal

A Thesis Proposal Should Not Be Treated as the Thesis

Students doing a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degrees need to submit a thesis or dissertation. A thesis is a document which is far more complex than an essay. It is a comprehensive document on a topic selected by the author and written based on in-depth empirical research conducted on the subject. Unlike essay writing, a thesis requires more advanced and lengthy writing. A thesis also requires a thesis proposal which needs to be submitted before the actual thesis project can begin.

What is a Thesis Proposal?
The proposal is an outline of thesis project. The proposal, once on completion is submitted to the Dissertation Committee for review. The Committee will grant the student permission to continue with his thesis project based on the thesis justifications and the relevance of the research. If the proposal is not up to standard the Committee is likely to call for a revision or reject the thesis proposed. Therefore, it is important for students to write a proper proposal that will get them the green light to go ahead.

Structure of the Proposal
The structure of the thesis proposal is very similar to the thesis itself. Same as a thesis it will have an abstract which provides a summary of the proposal. The abstract should not exceed more than 250 – 300 words. The proposal will also include, a title page, table of contents, introduction, methodology, literature review etc. These are all the same elements which are included in your thesis format. However, instead of separate chapters, these will appear as separate sections in a proposal document.

Writing a Proposal
The thesis proposal needs to have a good topic. It also needs sufficient information on the topic and will define all the issues to be studied in the thesis paper and provide adequate information as to why the thesis project is relevant and needs to be researched. The topic should be feasible, should be relevant, and should be interesting. It should be within an area which has not been examined before.

The background of the selected topic will be discussed in the introduction of the proposal. The main aim of the introduction, as with the thesis introduction, is to provide a brief but complete overview of the entire study. The proposal should be written formally same as when it comes to dissertation writing. The next important section of the proposal is the methodology. This section provides the reader with an understanding of the methods which will be used in carrying out the thesis study. The document should be formatted as per approved formatting style and layout and presentation should be to a high standard. Usually a proposal is 4000 to 5000 words.

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