The Thesis Introduction Is Not the Same as an Essay Introduction

An Effective Thesis Introduction will make the First Chapter of the Thesis

Many students think that writing a thesis is similar to essay writing. This is a common misconception. They are very different from each other. The thesis is a report which presents the findings of an empirical research undertaken on a specific field. A thesis project requires extensive independent research, analysis, evaluations, synthesis and finally a formally written academic document which runs in to hundreds of pages. The only similarities of the essay and the thesis are that what you may have learned from essay writing such as critical analysis, synthesis and evaluations essays can be applied in to thesis writing. Let us educate ourselves on to write an effective thesis introduction as this is the first chapter that comes across to the reader.

Similarities of the Thesis and Essay Introduction
When you write an essay the introduction will inform the reader on what the essay is regarding. The introduction to the thesis will do the same. The essay will have a thesis statement and the thesis too will have one which becomes the focal point of the entire thesis. Some elements of the thesis format too are similar to the essay format. The similarities end here. However, there are certain elements which have to be apparent in the introduction of the thesis. These are;

• The topic or subject of investigation.
• Background and the scope of the research study.
• The purpose and significance of the study
• The thesis questions to be explored through the study

What to Include in the Introduction
The thesis introduction has to have a topic of investigation. After all, this is the reason for the entire dissertation writing process. Once you have decided on the topic, you have to introduce it. This is the main aim of the introduction. Inform the readers as to why you want to carry out research on this topic and provide a brief description as to the importance and significance of the study. The thesis questions which are to be studied and the methodology being applied for the thesis study will also have to be included within the introduction.

How to Write the Introduction
The inclusion of the above information does not make your introduction complete. There is a way to write it as well. The introduction should be creative, should be short and to the point. It should also be written in a manner which makes it easy for a layman to understand. And finally, the introduction to your thesis should be interesting. Keep in mind that this is the first section of the entire thesis. Therefore, if the introduction is boring the reader will expect the entire thesis to be boring as well. This will not compel the reader to continue. The section should briefly state what the rest of the thesis body will be presented.

Format for the Introduction
The thesis has many sections which need to be completed. Many academic institutions have various requirements where these sections are concerned. Some require students to follow the APA thesis format while others require them to write a MLA thesis. However, the introduction of the thesis, which is roughly 1000-1500 words of length comes right after the abstract and represents the first chapter of the document.

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