Writing Tips for Thesis Acknowledgment

Thesis Acknowledgement – A Good Way to Thank Everyone Who Helped You

To write a good thesis requires time, effort and dedication. There are many sections of the thesis which has to be attended to. If students are to complete their degree they need to make sure that the thesis they are writing is written to best possible standards. The essay writing done in high school still does not prepare students for the rigorous work of thesis writing. Thesis involves combining of multiple skills and talents related to wirting as well as analytical skills combined with extensive research work. One of the sections of the thesis which needs to be written is the thesis acknowledgement. This is one of the most enjoyable tasks for a thesis writer as it signifies the end of the project and preparations for final submissions.

Why is the Acknowledgement Necessary?

The acknowledgement of the thesis is written in gratitude to all those who were instrumental in bringing the thesis to fruition. If you helped someone do something, wouldn’t you be happy if they acknowledged it? The same is applied for the acknowledgement of the thesis. As the writing of a thesis is hard work, students need help from others. It is only fair to acknowledge these people in thanking them for helping you with the project.

Where to Include the Acknowledgement?

The thesis acknowledgement is placed after the cover page of the thesis. Students will be able to confirm this by referring to their thesis formatting handbook or dissertation writing guideline document. The dissertation guide will keep students educated on the thesis format, the style etc. How you write the acknowledgement is up to you. However, it should be kept in mind that you have to be consistent with your writing throughout the acknowledgement page.

Whom to Thank

There is no set rule as to who can be thanked in the successful completion of the thesis. You can thank colleagues in their contribution to your work, loved ones who supported you through the entire process and your mood swings, professors and other academic staff who were there for you tirelessly etc.

Writing the Acknowledgement

Although a certain amount of freedom is given when writing the acknowledgement, students should not be overly casual in writing it. Therefore, the language used should be formal. Although many people would have helped with your thesis, you cannot thank them all. Keep to the specifics and make it short. Who made a significant effort with your thesis? It is most advisable to thank the academic staff who helped you and thank them first. When writing their names use their full name. Do not use pet names and abbreviations. Go through a few thesis examples which are freely available in most of the online thesis writing services’ websites. These will provide you with ample knowledge of how to write the acknowledgement.

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