The Five Chapter Thesis Format

A Correct Thesis Format is Essential for a Successful Thesis

Writing a thesis is a demanding and complicated task as it calls for high level of writing skills. There are elements to it which all students doing a college thesis, undergraduate, masters’ or doctoral thesis are aware of. Whichever the field of study, there are rules and regulations of how to write a dissertation or a thesis paper. These rules are much more complicated than what is applied for general essay writing. Complicate requirements are in place for thesis format, structure and the style of writing as well.

What is a thesis?
A thesis, also known as a dissertation, is submitted to fulfill a partial requirement of a degree program. In order to obtain the degree the students will have to investigate a specific topic within his or her field of study and within a framework of theoretical knowledge in place. The intension is to add new scholarly knowledge to the field of study. A thesis is a long document which takes up one to two years for completion. Therefore, it is advised that students who are about to embark on this project gets thorough understanding of how to write thesis.

What is a thesis format?
Each university has different requirements when it comes to thesis or research paper formatting. A dissertation format concerns the thesis structure, reference formatting, citation style, the paginations and page numbers. Formatting requires that the dissertation is structured with five chapters. These comprise of an introduction, the literature review, methodology, data and results and the conclusion. Formatting styles as APA, Chicago or Harvard styles are the most commonly used thesis and research papers formats. These have different requirements when it comes to headings and section headings as well. The layout of different sections such as abstract, table of content, acknowledgement, dedication etc. should also be considered within thesis format.

Five chapter thesis format

• The introduction – Informs the reader as to what the thesis is about and its objectives in terms of research questions being investigated. The significance of the study must also be discussed. It will also inform in brief the intended method.

• The literature review – Reviews the existing literature on the subject. This place the topic within a proper theoretical framework. This is an important component of a well written thesis as it demonstrate how deeply the author has dwelled in to the existing knowledge on the subject area.

• The methodology – will inform the reader as to how the study investigation will be conducted. Sample strategy, population and data analysis are addressed as well.

• Results – reports and summarizes the results of research obtained through the methodology.

• Discussion and Conclusion – Discuss the findings in relation to the research questions and objectives as well as the literature reviewed. Draws conclusions about the implications and directions for future research as well.

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