Sharpening your Dissertation Writing Skills

Following a Proper Process is Important for Successful Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing is a task which students who are pursuing a college or university degree have to complete in order to be conferred with the degree. Many students study up to the dissertation stage of the degree program and fail to complete the degree as they stumble with the requirements of dissertation writing. This is because dissertations require adherence to specific structures, formats and should be attempted as per a proper system and a procedure. Knowing some of these requirements and the appropriate process of how to write a dissertation properly will be very useful for those studying for a degree.

 What is a Dissertation
Dissertation or a Research study is an academic document which presents the findings of a student’s research on a particular subject. The dissertation will outline the research problem and the methodology which has been used in investigating the problem. A comprehensive review of existing literature on the subject will lay the theoretical background for the study. Then the findings are presented along with a discussion by the researcher on the findings and its relevance.

 Dissertation Types
Depending on the subject area, there can be various forms of dissertations. It can be a law dissertation, psychology dissertation, marketing dissertation or sociology dissertations. It can be a dissertation on molecular biology or child psychology. Choosing a good dissertation subject is one of the key contributors to a successful dissertation.

 Dissertation Topic
Once the dissertation subject is decided upon, a suitable dissertation topic has to be selected. This must be done with a lot of consideration. Without a good topic your dissertation will not be successful. When selecting a dissertation topic the criteria of evaluating a good topic will include the relevance, the availability of research material, and accessibility to research population, the interest factor of the topic to the writer and the audience and the value of the knowledge which the study can contribute to the field of study.

 Dissertation Format
A dissertation should also comply with a proper dissertation format which is usually prescribed by the college or university. The standard format is that it should contain a title page, table of contents, acknowledgement, dissertation abstract, introduction chapter, literature review chapter, dissertation methodology chapter, findings & discussion chapter and conclusion. These are followed by the list of references and appendices. The appropriate reference system varies according to the field of study. APA is usually preferred by the science departments while Blue Book is the system for law dissertations. Harvard style is usually prescribed for business fields of studies while MLA is common form adopted by all other social science research papers.

 Process of Dissertation Study
Dissertation writing also needs to follow a certain process in order to be successful. This is a project which should be pre planed and worked according to a plan. The starting activity in the plan should be the formulation of the dissertation proposal which needs to be approved by the university committee. Your plan must include your intended progress appraisals with the allocated dissertation supervisor. Your dissertation proposal will be a good document to be substituted and adopted as the dissertation outline. The literature review will involve a significant volume of reading and researching. Be methodical in this activity. Note all that is relevant. Make electronic copies of all files that you find useful and relevant and save in a separate folder of your computer. Have another in which you can file photocopies you make from text books and reference sources. Make sure to note all the reference details! Otherwise you will spend unnecessary time trying to locate reference details of an important citation you have made within the paper.

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