A Research Question Should be Valid and Researchable

Choice of Research Question Will Impact the Whole Research Study

Research paper, a thesis or a dissertation is one of the critical components of an academic degree program. This is a comprehensive project and needs ample planning in order to achieve a successful outcome. Students who had accumulated good writing skills and practice through essay writing during high school has the opportunity to use all their writing skills including researching, referencing, analysis, synthesis, arguments and process application in to this project. It is imperative that a student understands the importance of selecting a valid and researchable research question in order to conduct a research study worthy of recognition.

What Is A Research Question?
A research paper is not complete without a research question. This is the most important part of your research proposal. The study question will drive the entire research project. It influences the research method, population, sample size and the entire work is focused upon finding answers to the research question. Once you realize these areas which the study question affects, there should be no doubt in your mind as to how important it is to select a proper research question. In brief, it will address the issue, obtain an answer, and invites research. A weak question which is difficult to research and difficult to be substantiated for its existence can render the entire dissertation research weak and invalid. Therefore, it is important to spend time and effort on the question before embarking on the research project headlong. Never rely on unconfirmed facts when writing your as ICT coursework.

How To Develop A Research Question
Developing a question for research is similar to developing assignment questions which students encounter when doing their coursework writing. Following are some considerations in selecting a good study question.

• An important fact to note when developing a question for research is for it to be within a study area which holds interest to the student.

• Select a study research question which is in a topic are which the student is competent at. This makes the whole project much easy to handle. Dissertation writing involves review, analysis, synthesis, recommendations etc. and dealing with a subject area which the student is not competent at can make it much harder.

• Pick a precise and focused question to investigate.

• Consider the research method you are capable of. Some students are not conversant in quantitative research and especially the statistical methods involved. Then select a resarch question which does not need quantitative research methods. This is a practical approach to take in avoiding difficulties at the middle of the dissertation project.

• The question should be researchable. Student must have resources, civility to the particular population and the required capabilities to investigate the study question.

• Most importantly the study question should be valid. The question that you intend to investigate must exist and must truly be worth exploring. Through such exploration, the researcher must be able to uncover valuable knowledge which is worth contributing to the filed of study being pursued.

With this information students will understand the importance of a well formulated research question. This is the first thing a student needs to finalize before formulating a research proposal for committee approval. For those who are yet to understand what is a research proposal, it is a document which outlines what you intend to investigate, how you intend do it and with what resources and in what time frame you plan to complete this. The chance of getting your proposal approved by the committee is heavily dependent upon the quality of the research question.

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