Good Research Proposal Writing is Critical for a Scholar

Research Proposal Writing Ensures Dissertation Project Approval

Writing a research proposal is more demanding than essay writing. Research proposal writing is the starting point of writing a dissertation or a research. Student must submit a proposal of the intended dissertation study for the dissertation committee approval. The approval allows to initiate and proceed with a dissertation research. For this reason, it is essential that students reading for a degree, learn how to write a dissertation proposal that is effective.

What is a research proposal?
A research proposal is also known as a dissertation proposal or a thesis proposal. This is a document which outlines a scientific or academic research project and submitted for approval. Writing a proposal requires the student to brainstorm before hand and decide on the following:
• Study area, study topic and a tentative research title
Research question to be investigated through the research study
• Methodology to be applied in the investigation
• Population for the study
• The time frame for completing the dissertation research
• Budgets and resources for the study

Once the above has been decided upon, the student can move on to acquiring knowledge of what is a research proposal  and how to write one. Following are the standard sections to be included in a research proposal.

• Introduction
• Literature Review
• Research Methodology
• Time Plan
• Reflections on methodological and practical limitations
• Conclusion
• References

Why is Research Proposal Writing Necessary?
Students who are doing masters’ or PhD degrees are familiar with research proposal writing. They understand that writing a research proposal is necessary for the initiation of the research paper. The research proposal can help students not only in getting the approvals but also for seeking funding such as a research grant. The acceptance of the proposal depends upon how well the student conveys the research idea, its significance and the relevance to the field of study. A well written proposal will convince the dissertation committee that your dissertation idea has much merit and is worth investigating further with a fully fledged study.

Writing Tips for Proposals
Writing a dissertation proposal is a tedious and demanding task, not only due to the writing involved but for the number of other reasons. There are many major decisions pertaining to the entire research project which has to be made at this proposal writing stage. It should also be written in accordance with proper writing requirements. Formatting requirements need to be taken in to account and submission dates must be checked out. Initial research on the topic must uncover reliable and respected scholarly information on the subject and the research question.

Research proposal writing is in itself a large writing assignment. It prepares the student for the extended researching, writing, analysis and the rest of activities involved in dissertation writing. If your research proposal is approved almost half the battle is won. Therefore, students should put their maximum effort in to writing a good research proposal.

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